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Civic Engagement: DCU in the Community

Measuring Civic Engagement

The Irish universities have had a social commitment for some time and a civic engagement policy orientation for around ten years. However this branch of activity has been somewhat under-valued or, rather, not recognised. In 2013 and 2014 we carried out a pilot study with a new approach to capturing the value of  university activity, including university engagement with the broader community.  The report from this study is available Capturing the economic and social value of higher education: A Pilot Study of Dublin City University    

Our experience from the project led us into many discussions about the value of engagement and how to best measure and assess this. Ireland’s Campus Engage network has been examining many of these issues.   We would now like want to broaden out discussion about how to  recognise , assess or show the value generated by universities

So we have set up a new site to stimulate discussion and exchange around the topic and theme of ‘value’ – not just of civic engagement but all of what a university does or could do.  We have called this  The Value Project.   Please visit the site and join in the discussion.