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Civic Engagement: DCU in the Community



DCU Office of Civic Engagement contributing to the debate on the Covid Crisis and the future of higher education

Covid and Higher Education

Higher Education, Civic Engagement, the Coronavirus and the ‘New Normal’ forthcoming in

The Higher Education Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Responsibility for a Sustainable Future edited by Sjur Bergan et al

Council of Europe Series

The Local Mission of Higher Education: Principles and Practice

edited by:  Sjur Bergan, Ira Harkavy and Ronaldo Munck.

The Local Mission of Higher Education is avalable on Amazon


Higher Education and Civic Engagement: Comparative Perspectives


Higher Education and Community-Based Research - Creating a Global Vision

by Ronaldo Munck (Editor), Lorraine McIlrath (Editor), Budd Hall (Editor), Rajesh Tandon (Editor)

Higher Education and Community-Based Researh-Creating a Global Vision is available on Palgrave

View Sample Chapter: Emerging Policy and Practices on Community-Based Research - Perspectives from the Island of Ireland



DCU in the Community Building on Shangan Road

The DCU in the Community Papers series addresses issues of concern to the community where a research perspective can be translated into practical action. It seeks to engage with critical thinking- from wherever it might emerge- and promote empowerment through research. The views expressed here are purely those of the authors.

  1. The Value of Civic Enagement in Higher Educaton: An Irish Case Study. ISBN: 978-1-873769-35-5
  2. Community Safety in Ballymun. Shangan, Coultry and Whiteacre Crescent. ISBN: 978-1-873769-36-2
  3. Student Volunteering in the Community:Results and Prospects. ISBN: 978-1-873769-37-9
  4. Community Organisations in the Ballymun Whitehall Area. ISBN: 978-1-873769-74-4
  5. Service Users in the Ballymun Area. ISBN:978-1-873769-75-1



DCU Volunteer Strategy
 DCU Volunteer Strategy

Download PDF: https://bit.ly/DCU_Volunteer_Strategy

Awards 2018
DCU President's Awards for Engagement 2018

Download PDF: https://www.dcu.ie/sites/default/files/community/pdfs/presidents_awards_engagements_2018_fa.pdf  

Webpage: https://www.dcu.ie/community/DCU-presidents-awards-for-engagement-2018.shtml

DCU Volunteer Guide 2017-2018
DCU Volunteer Guide 2017-2018

Download PDF: https://www4.dcu.ie/sites/default/files/community/pdfs/dcu_volunteerguidea5_2.pdf

At DCU we have a wide variety of volunteer opportunities on and off campus. Whatever your interests, skills or abilities – there is something for you!

DCU President's Awards for Engagement 2017
DCU President's Awards for Engagment 2017

Download PDF: https://www4.dcu.ie/sites/default/files/community/pdfs/presidents_awards_engagement_2017.pdf

Webpage: https://www.dcu.ie/community/presidents-awards-for-engagement-2017.shtml

Ballymun Road, Dublin, buildings, traffic, cars
Capturing the Economic and Social Value of Higher Education:  A Pilot Study of Dublin City University 

This report presents some of the key results arising from a pilot study of Dublin City University aimed at measuring the social and economic impact of the university.

If you would like  to receive a hardcopy of this report please send an email with your address to Natalja.Matease@dcu.ie
DCU President's Awards for Engagement 2016
DCU President's Awards for Engagment 2016

PDF:  Predidents Award For 2018

Download PDF: https://www4.dcu.ie/sites/default/files/community/pdfs/Publication_Presidents_Awards_2016.pdf

Webpage: https://www.dcu.ie/community/presidents-awards-for-engagement-2016.shtml