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Civic Engagement: DCU in the Community

Sustainable DCU

Resources - Environmental Tips - Office

Save some Electricity – Save DCU Money and more importantly Save our Planet!

  • When you leave your office – Switch off that Printer! Why leave it on?
  • How about that Computer… Turn off the screen and if you can't turn off the CPU why not use hibernation?

Did you know standby mode can only reduce the power usage by some 20% on some appliances!

  • Lights – when you're finished in the room, just turn them off!
  • Heating – Is the heating or AC on with a window opens?

If you open a window, close your office door and just check the Heating or AC is off!

We all like some fresh air… yet keeping the window a jar for the day and keeping the heating on is just a waste, open the window fully for 15 mins and then close it for 2 hours. It's the perfect time to go for a coffee!

While we are on the matter of a coffee, Think try to cut down on the litter you create!

  • Try to recycle as much of your litter as you can!
  • Try to avoid disposable items such as - paper cups, cutlery etc.
  • Try bring a Mug to work, this will cut out plastic and paper from packing of disposable cups and also the disposable cups them selves that are made from Styrofoam or plastic!
  • To help recycle don't put food or paper cups (that have had milk in them) in the recycled bin, keep waste separated!