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Institute of Education

Master of Education

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Graduate Certificate in the Education of Pupils on the Autism Spectrum

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Professional Certificate/Diploma in Special and Inclusive Education:Contact Information:

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Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences

MSc in Public Relations & Strategic Communications

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Open Education

  Who are we?

DCU’s Open Education Unit has been providing adults all over Ireland (and abroad) with flexible access to third level education for over thirty years. It was founded as the National Distance Education Centre in 1982 and, for many years, presented programmes in the traditional ‘distance education’ mode of delivery. It changed to Oscail – DCU  Online Education  in 2004 to reflect the reality that its programmes were increasingly presented with large elements of online support.

In 2013, DCU inaugurated the National Institute for Digital Learning (NIDL) with Open Education as part of the new Institute. NIDL’s mission is to exploit the full range of digital technologies to provide students with the best possible learning experience, whether they are on or off campus. DCU has a rich history of innovation in teaching through new educational technologies and providing flexible pathways to university-level education to diverse and geographically dispersed learners is central to DCU's mission of transforming lives and societies. The establishment of NIDL is part of DCU’s on-going commitment to bringing digital learning to the core of its teaching activities and ensuring that all of its students, whether on-campus or off-campus, have the same high-quality learning experiences.

Since its foundation, thousands of adults have obtained their university qualifications through DCU's online courses. Our mission is to provide adults with access to higher education through digital, blended and online learning helping people to achieve their life and career goals without the need to attend regular campus-based classes. All of our programmes are accredited by Dublin City University.

  What do we offer?

We offer you the chance to achieve an accredited online university qualification in a number of academic areas, without the need to attend classes at the same level if you registered for a campus-based programme, either part-time or full-time. Students registered on DCU Connected programmes are provided with access to specially written course texts for each module they undertake and also access to the vast array of online resource materials provided by DCU Library. For each module our students undertake, they are allocated an online education tutor.  The tutors provide support in a number of ways including:

  • Online tutorial support via a virtual learning environment called Loop where students can ask their tutors a question at any time;
  • 'Live' online tutorials using live online lecturer software
  • On our undergraduate programmes, the option to take face-to-face tutorials in DCU

In addition to this, students have access to a dedicated Programme Team to provide administrative support and answer any questions that may arise. No previous qualifications are required for our undergraduate programmes if you are over 23 years of age. Students under 23 years on the 1st January of the forthcoming academic year must meet the normal entry requirements of Dublin City University, as appropriate to the programme. There are several routes of entry to our postgraduate programmes. There are no attendance requirements on Open Education postgraduate programmes. Please see the Degree Programmes section for further details on our programmes.


Online Registration Link

Please read the full Step by Step Guide to Online Registration before registering.

Welcome Day Information for Open Education students - Saturday 23rd September on DCU's Glasnevin Campus

 Other Student Information: Please see the Loop online learning environment for examination timetables and other information.