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Want more information on studying at Connected?

3 easy steps to Get Connected 

Step 1   Choose a Course 

   Identify the course or programme you wish to study by checking out our online courses.  

Step 2  Learn what’s involved

 To make sure you have the required pre-requisite skills and/or qualifications to apply for your course of study, read our online degree programme FAQ's.  

Step 3  Learn how to apply

 The programme pages on the main DCU website include all the information you need.  First, pick your online course by reading over the DCU Connected summaries. The summaries will lead you to the full over view on the main DCU website, and there you will be walked through the application process.



Are you ready

DCU Connected - Self Assessment

Not sure if you’re ready for an online course? Concerned that distance learning might not suit your lifestyle? Let us help! Before applying for an online course you should be confident and aware of what study skills and commitments are involved.

 We have developed the following suite of tools which can help you assess if you are ready for study, your time management and level of computer skills.

1) Do I have enough time?

2) Am I ready for study?

3) My computer skills

4) My first assignment

4) Who can I ask? 

 You can also take our quick Self Assessment Quiz which will provide you with feedback and advice to help you determine if an online course is the right step for you.