Keep Teaching

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The following suggestions have been prepared for DCU staff to ensure that the University can continue to support teaching and learning in the event of a situation where there may be limited or restricted campus access.

  •   Plug in, plan ahead

Make sure…

  • Your module is supported by Loop
  • Your module content in Loop is up-to-date
  • Your students are aware of how they login to Loop
  • Your students know where to find crucial course information
  • You familiarise yourself with TEU’s Loop support page
  • You know where to find the support page for staff within Loop 

  • Moving swiftly to teaching fully online

Plan to cover the essentials using tools familiar to you and your students…

  • Every student has access to Loop
  • If you don’t already use Loop, then request access
  • If you’re unfamiliar with Loop, then check out the Loop support page
  • Upload crucial online content to Loop under headings for each week
  • Create an online forum in Loop for each week for asynchronous discussions
  • Invite students to post comments and course-related questions to these discussion fora
  • If students need to interact in small groups for assessment tasks, then suggest they use a readily available technology (e.g., What’sApp)
  • You may wish to record a short video lecture on your mobile device and then upload the file to Loop or YouTube
  • If for any reason you can’t access or use Loop, then you can always make your course content (notes, videos, presentations, course readings, etc.) available through a shared Google folder
  • Remember all DCU staff and students have access to a Google account and the related suite of tools
  • Use the Quiz tool in Loop to design and manage any forthcoming tests or alternative assessment tasks
  • Configure the Assignment activity in Loop to enable and help manage the submission online assignments and online marking
  • And don’t forget that email is also a low-tech option to keep interacting with your students
  • If you need help, then we will have a team of additional staff available (virtually) to support you in whatever way we can. Simply email our dedicated support desk:

  • Adding a bit more to your online course

Once your essential course content is online, then don’t be afraid to go a bit further…

  • If you wish to interact in real time for tutorials, small group discussions or individual consultations with your students, then a Zoom online teaching room is available to all staff
  • If you don’t already have access to Zoom, then submit a request and someone will contact you
  • If you have not previously used Zoom, then view one of the many online tutorials or participate in one of our special webinars explaining how to get started
  • If you wish to record a short video lecture for your students, then you can use Zoom to do so but there are many other free platforms available
  • If your students need to engage in small group discussions as part of their study or for assessment work, then they can also use a Zoom meeting room
  • If you want to explore further tools for online teaching, then the Loop support page has additional information on some of those freely available
  • Share your own suggestions and additional online teaching tools with your colleagues and even ask your students for their own suggestions

If you would like some further ideas of how to keep teaching using online tools and approaches, then we will have a team of additional staff available (virtually) to support you in whatever way we can. Simply email our dedicated support desk:

  • Don’t stress and keep your students informed

Students will be understanding and they will appreciate your commitment to keep teaching under challenging circumstances…

  • Remember any emergency creates a lot of stress. Be gentle and flexible with yourself and your students
  • It’s okay to select low-tech solutions to accomplish course outcomes
  • Introducing too many new online tools and approaches too quickly may leave even less time for learning. Less may be more!
  • Set up and share virtual office hours when you will be available by phone, email and/or Zoom
  • Students will have a lot of questions; manage expectations for how quickly they can expect a response from you
  • If you need or wish to try something new - reach out for help
  • The TEU and wider team in the National Institute for Digital Learning (NIDL) will be online to support you. Simply email our dedicated support desk and someone will be in touch: