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Latest updates

This page was last reviewed and updated at 4pm on Friday 7th August 2020.

Latest Updates

For Students

We are continuing to plan for the 2020/2021 academic year. These plans are driven by three principles: protecting the health and wellbeing of our students and staff, providing the highest quality education possible for our students, and optimising the broader student experience within the constraints imposed by COVID-19. But the first of these principles is paramount and overrides everything else.  The 2020/2021 academic term for continuing students will commence on October 5th with first years starting a week earlier on 28th September.


For Staff

1. Return to Campus (RTC) Protocol including the Risk Assessment
We have now over 225 trained COVID co-ordinators and more than 756 staff have completed the DCU COVID Induction training (short on-line video).  Many Units have completed the steps required in the Return to Campus protocol ( and we are working with the remaining units to ensure they are ready before the start of the new academic year.

It is important to reiterate that staff can only return to campus (RTC) where:
1. Their Unit has completed the RTC measures
2. A staff member themselves have completed the on-line COVID-19 Declaration and the on-line training.
3. Their Head of Unit has approved their return to campus.

Only then is a staff members Staff Card details entered into the University swipe access control system - access to all University buildings is only via swipe card access for security reasons at this time.

In early September we will provide updated information for All Staff for Phase B of the DCU Return to Campus Protocol which will come into effect on Sept 28th when 1st year students will arrive on campus. This will provide clear information on how we will operate the campuses in a safe manner during term time and will include the requirement for the wearing of face coverings in public spaces in all University buildings.


 2. Staff in High Risk Category

Up to date information is available on the DCU HR COVID information webpage HR-COVID-19-Updates.shtml  for staff that are considered to be in the Very High or High Risk groups in relation to COVID-19.

3.  International Travel
For staff who have or may have intentions to travel to non-green listed countries - it is important to note that upon visiting a non-green listed country - you cannot return to work on campus for 14 days following your return. In such instances staff will be required to either take annual or unpaid leave for the 14 day duration. If you intend to travel to a non-green listed country please discuss your intentions in advance with your Line Manager to seek approval of your leave arrangement.

Please note: that no work related international travel is permitted at this time.

4.  Return to Work on Campus and Remote Working Policies
The DCU HR Return to Work on Campus and Remote Working policies can be viewed in addition to other relevant supports for staff on the DCU HR COVID information webpage HR-COVID-19-Updates

5.  Implementation Guidelines for Public Health Measures in Higher Education Institutions 
The Implementation Guidelines for Public Health Measures in Higher Education Institutions was published on Wednesday (Public-Health-Implementation-Guidelines-for-HEIs).  The guidelines have been agreed between HEIs and the Dept. of Further and Higher Education and the HSE.  All of the steps we are taking to prepare the campuses and our support measures are fully aligned with all aspects of these guidelines.

A new DCU website is currently being designed that will be a central resource for all DCU COVID related information - with a separate website for staff and students, which will go live before the start of term.

We are in unprecedented times but we do hope our staff/students and their families are keeping safe and well at this time.

Please also note the following campus operations information:

Glasnevin Campus

  • All car park barriers are open on the Glasnevin campus.  
  • The on-campus Londis shop is open with reduced hours of operation.
  • The Sports Complex is open.
  • The Pharmacy is open and is also operating an on-line pre-order system and a drive through collection point outside the Helix.
  • The Creche re-opened on July 13th.
  • Access to the Glasnevin campus for vehicles and pedestrians is via the Collins Ave entrance.  Please note the Ballymun Rd entrance will be closed to cars and pedestrians from August 10th-31st for essential works to improve the safety of the entrance for pedestrians.
  • The pedestrian entrance from Albert College park has been re-opened.  
  • The Student Health Centre is open with reduced hours but by appointment only.  Students can contact the Health Centre by email ( or phone (01-7005143) to arrange an appointment.

St. Patrick’s Campus

  • The campus is accessible for staff that have completed the Return to Campus protocol.
  • The Student Health Centre on the St. Patrick's campus is also closed but students can contact the Health Centre on the Glasnevin campus by email ( or phone (01-7005143).

All Hallows Campus

  • The campus is accessible for staff that have completed the Return to Campus protocol.

DCU Alpha 

  • DCU Alpha remains open for client companies although please note both catering outlets on campus are closed.  

We will keep all of these arrangements under review and communicate any updates via email, the DCU coronavirus website and Twitter.  

Social Distancing

It is crucial at this time that we all observe the social distancing guidelines, in everything that we do, if we are to reduce the risk of the spread of the coronavirus. 

Safe Zone App - Check-in

If you are on campus - it is a health and safety requirement that you 'Check-in' using the DCU Safe Zone App on your phone or using the desktop version of SafeZone.  Full details are available here. All researchers working in any laboratory type environment must 'Check-in' using the Safe Zone App.

Data Protection

For guidance on the data protection issues to be mindful of while working from home please see the link below. 

Data Protection when working from Home

Zoom and Data Protection: Guidance for DCU Staff

As we have stated from the start of this unprecedented situation, the safety and wellbeing of the DCU community is, and always will be, our highest priority, and we have carefully considered the official advice available to us, and our responsibility to ensure the welfare of our students, staff and visitors.  We will keep the community updated regularly as the situation changes.

If you require any further information than has been provided on this website, please contact the Office of the Chief Operations Officer at: Email:

Key contact numbers:

In the event of an Emergency DCU Security Control Room 01-7005999

Student Health Centres

You must contact the Health Centre by phone (01-7005766 or 01-7005143 to book an appointment with the GP (Glasnevin campus) and 01- 8842245 or 01-8842239 (St. Patrick’s campus)) to be triaged before an appointment can be confirmed.  

Estates Office Helpdesk 01-7005142

President's Message

We are living in unprecedented times with the trajectory and potential impact of the COVID19 outbreak uncertain at this time.

We want to ensure, however, that we are as prepared as we possibly can to protect the health and wellbeing of our students, staff and visitors while also trying to continue to deliver on our core activities of teaching and research.

This website contains easily-accessible, DCU-specific information that will be kept updated on a regular basis and will be expanded as needed to keep the DCU community fully informed.

At a time of significant concern for all of us, I would like to acknowledge the work and dedication of so many DCU staff members who have shown great commitment in their efforts to address this evolving situation.

In particular, they continue to focus on developing contingency plans for all eventualities so that we can continue to deliver high quality education for our students while maintaining essential services.

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