Coronavirus Information

Keep Learning

Keep Learning

The following suggestions have been prepared for DCU students to ensure that you can continue to learn and keep up-to-date with your studies in the event of a situation where there may be limited or restricted campus access. 

1.     Plug in, stay connected

Make sure…

• You regularly check Loop

• You download the Loop app for your phone

• You check out the Loop FAQs and Student Support Page

• You know your lecturer’s contact details

• You know your Programme Chair’s contact details

• You know the contact details of your year convener (if you have one)

• You know who to contact in Student Support and Development for study advice

• You know how to stay in touch with your fellow classmates

• You know your class rep’s contact details 

2.     Think digital first and embrace flexibility

Plan to focus on the essentials using tools familiar to you…

Loop is the essential place for most students

• Ask questions and engage in conversations taking place in Loop

• Remember all DCU students have access to the suite of Google tools

• Interact with fellow students using other readily available tools (e.g., WhatsApp)

• Check out Discover your Technology to refresh your knowledge of these tools

• Explore the other online study resources available through Discover DCU

• Check out the online resources available from the DCU Writing Centre

• Utilise the online resources available from the Maths Learning Centre

• Participate in online workshops available through Student Support & Development

• Familiarise yourself with the online help guides available through the Library

• Use other freely available resources to supplement your study (e.g. YouTube)

• Find out if your lecturer has established virtual office hours when they will be available

• Don’t forget that email is a low-tech option to keep in contact with lecturers

• Find a really good space at home or elsewhere that’s conducive to studying

3.     Add a few more tools to your learning toolbox

Don’t be afraid to go a bit further as learning how to be an effective online learner is now an important life skill…

• Download the Zoom app for your phone: Apple, Android

• If you have not previously used Zoom, then view one of the many online tutorials or view a DCU specific one here

• If you wish to interact in real time for small group discussions or individual consultations with your lecturer, then a Zoom meeting room is available to all students

• Learn how to download journal articles for additional readings from the Library

• Check out the online resources available through Linkedin Learning

• Explore resources such as Grammarly, Mendeley, Quizlet, Sonocent, Zontero, etc

• Explore relevant educational apps available through your phone

• Find a free online course you can supplement your study with through EdX, FutureLearn, etc

• Share other online tools that you already use or discover and think might be helpful with your classmates

• Use this time to upskill

4.     Don’t stress and reach out if you need help

DCU staff will be understanding as we appreciate your efforts to keep learning under challenging circumstances…

• Remember any emergency creates a lot of stress.

• Be gentle and flexible with yourself, your lecturers and your fellow students

• Make a clear study plan and block out set times for study most days

• It’s ok to take a break and make sure you allocate time for some exercise

• Don’t hesitate to seek help through the counselling resources available to you

• Talk to the people you live with and utilise your wider support network

• Know who to contact if you need to postpone some aspect of your studies

• Contact us if you have any other concerns about your study