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The Centre for Talented Youth, Ireland

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The Centre for Academic Achievement (CAA) programme has allowed over 2500 primary school students, from socio-economically disadvantaged areas of Dublin, Cork, and Limerick to attend special after school classes at Dublin City University, UCC, and UL since its establishment in 2006. This programme is a collaboration between the ACCESS Service and Irish Centre for Talented Youth (CTYI) at Dublin City University. The decision to start these classes was taken after a ‘needs-analysis’ report from local primary school principals highlighted the lack of support for bright students from classes in disadvantaged areas. Using a Steering Committee of interested parties from various schools, teachers were asked to identify students who could participate and greater develop their academic talent. The goal was to encourage students who traditionally would not have access to university resources and materials towards an academic path and to fulfill their potential. There was no charge to the students or their families or schools for attending these programmes.

Students get to study subjects they normally wouldn’t get to do in school. Some of the subjects that students have studied so far include superhero science, experimental physics, forensic science, aeronautical engineering, architecture, sports science, computers & animation, chemistry, creative writing, and many more. This term students are studying forensic science, engineering and creative writing.

Objectives of Programme:

  • To provide educational opportunities for students from disadvantaged areas both inside and outside the school environment.
  • To enrich the curriculum of primary school students by providing an opportunity for them to access subjects ordinarily only available at third level courses e.g. environmental science, chemistry, aeronautical engineering.
  • To give these students the opportunity to access a university and its facilities.
  • To promote positive attitudes to science and education in the community.
  • To encourage support from parents and family of students from disadvantaged areas. The programme concludes with a Graduation Ceremony at the end of each term and family members are strongly encouraged to attend.
  • To encourage students to aim for third level education when they are older, by basing the project on a university campus.

If you would like more information on the programme please contact: Dr. Eleanor Healion, or Tel: 01 7008977

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New CAA Programme for Secondary School Students

Matheson, Ireland’s largest law firm, is working with CTYI to start a secondary school programme for these students at CAA and to work with some secondary school students and integrate them into various CTYI secondary school programmes.