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Correspondence Courses for CTYI Students

The courses offered in this section are available to second level students who have taken part in CTYI's Talent Search. Students choose one subject to study over the course of the 2019 - 2020 academic year.

We recommend that students study just one subject per year.

Students complete seven assignments (one every month). Tutors provide individual feedback to the students (usually one week after the submission deadline), highlighting the assignment’s strengths and weaknesses, and providing some helpful hints for the next assignment. Please note we do not grade these assignments, we just provide constructive criticisms.

Details are posted to students in September 2019. 

Correspondence Courses (October 2019 to June 2020)*
Legal StudiesThis course will cover a range of areas within law, including: The Purpose of Law, The Irish Legal System, The Irish Constitution and Advocacy. The course will be quite practical with students having to consider particular problems in each assignment and in some cases developing their own responses.
MedicineThis correspondence course aims to introduce the student to the broad knowledge base that is required to study Medicine. It will give the student a chance to understand the normal functioning of the human body and learn through their own research how disease can come about. It will cover a broad range of topics from current medical knowledge to potential future developments. Through the assignments the student will learn not just the pathophysiology behind the disease but should also learn to recognise the signs and symptoms of common diseases and be able to understand the steps involved in making a diagnosis and managing a patient.
PsychologyThe aim of the psychology course is to introduce students to some of the basic theoretical and applied areas of psychology. The course will involve analysing the value of psychological theories and explanations of human behaviour and thinking processes. It will also involve identifying the contribution of a psychological approach to current social issues. One of the main objectives of the course will be to encourage students to adopt a critical thinking approach to their work.
WritingThis is a correspondence course in creative writing that will help develop the thinking and organisational skills of the participants. The course is tutored by a professional writer. Assignments will cover writing skills desirable for upper level secondary school or first year university courses. They will focus on essays focusing on rhetorical skills to the writing of poetry and short fiction. Through a graded series of highly effective and enjoyable writing assignments, students will receive an invaluable insight into the writing process.

 Student Testimonials

“Being told where I did well was a morale boost, being told where my arguments were weak stopped me becoming complacent.” (Legal Studies Student)
“I feel that I can now use this knowledge to understand others and myself better.” (Psychology Student)
“I thought that all the assignments were really well chosen and all equally valuable in their own way… (they) covered a wide range of topics and styles, so that my skills could be expanded." (Writing Student)
*Course outlines are preliminary and are subject to change