MSc in Science and Health Communication
Webinar on MSc in Science and Health Communication

Webinar: MSc in Science and Health Communication

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The world has changed dramatically since the arrival of COVID-19 in late 2019. Never before has it been so crucial to have skilled science communicators presenting technical information accurately and engagingly, while also organising and managing the flows of communication within and across the complex new crises we face on this planet. 

Our MSc in Science and Health Communication examines the best methods to communicate scientific information effectively to the many different groups within society. This programme will be of interest to individuals already working in scientific, engineering, environmental and medical fields as well as those interested in leadership and communication in the commercial biomedical sector, public health policy and environmental communication.

If you share our passion and commitment for effectively communicating what is often challenging scientific and health information across society, we would love to hear from you.

Join our live webinar on Friday, 18 September at 11am. Hear from our inspirational lecturers Dr Padraig Murphy and Dr Saumava Mitra from the School of Communications to learn more about the MSc in Science and Health Communication. This is a FREE event.

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