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DCU Business School appoints new Associate Dean for Research

28 June 2010

Professor Colm O'Gorman, Associate Dean for Research at DCU Business School



Professor Colm O’Gorman has been appointed Associate Dean for Research (ADR) at DCU Business School. Professor O’Gorman will take over the role from Professor David Jacobson in September 2010.

Professor Colm O’Gorman is a leading entrepreneurship researcher in Ireland and internationally. His co-authors include forefront researchers in America and Europe and he has published in the world’s leading entrepreneurship and small business journals.  

Among Colm’s many books are multiple editions of Enterprise in Action and he has for years played a major role in the Irish part of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, among other things co-authoring the annual Entrepreneurship in Ireland

Colm is also a successful supervisor of doctoral projects. His most recent PhD graduate, David Finn, completed a thesis on the origins and development of entrepreneurship in the context of a new, high-tech application.

Colm is committed to high quality in his own research and publications, and he will work to ensure the maintenance of high quality right across all of DCU Business School’s research activities.

Congratulations to Colm from all of the DCU Business School family and we look forward to him taking up his new role. 

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