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Exwell Medical


ExWell Medical is our partner for the provision of a Sports  and Musculoskeletal Medicine service.  This is a multidisciplinary clinic based on DCU campus (in the Healthy Living Centre) which offers the following services:


  • assessment and treatment of sports injuries
  • assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal aches and pains unrelated to sport
  • biomechanical assessment
  • sports massage
  • sports nutrition
  • performance psychology
  • medical exercise prescription
  • cardiac screening of athletes


The staff in ExWell Medicine include a Sports Medicine Physician,  a Sports Nutritionist,  a Performance Psychologist and Athletic Therapist  / Trainers.

 For appointments call 01-7006270 / 01-8040659 or  www.exwellmedical.ie

 DCU rates offered to members of DCU Sport