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MedEx Wellness Programmes

Medex Wellness is a series of supervised programmes under the care of Medical Director Dr Noel McCaffrey.

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The programmes are as follows: 

HeartSmart - a cardiac rehabilitation programme.

BreatheSmart - a pulmonary rehabilitation programme.

SmartSteps - a vascular rehabilitation programme.

Diabetes Health Steps - a programme for people with diabetes.

Move On - a 12 week cancer rehabilitation programme.

Movement To Music - a 12 week dance class for individuals with parkinson's 

Medex Timetable






Regular physical activity is an excellent and fun way to maintain heart health.

HeartSmart will provide opportunities for participation in exercise classes in a safe, friendly and supportive environment. You will have the opportunity to exercise regularly with others who have a similar medical background. It is suitable for most people with heart disease. There will be a high staff to participant ratio. You will be encouraged to exercise at least twice a week with us, and also on your own at home.

This programme is open to people who have risk factors for heart disease such as high blood pressure or being overweight. It is also for those who have recently completed a hospital-based cardiac rehabilitation phase III programme. For more details ask your:

  • Cardiac Rehab Co-ordinator
  • Hospital Consultant
  • General Practitoner


 Do you have lung disease? Would you like to improve your fitness, feel better and meet folk just like yourself in a safe, medically supervised setting?

BreatheSmart is a medically supervised programme for people with chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD) and other respiratory illnesses. 


Do you have peripheral arterial disease or intermittent claudication? Would you like to improve your fitness, feel better and meet people just like yourself in a safe, medically supervised setting?

Exercise has an important role in the treatment of intermittent claudication. Regular exercise can greatly improve the distance you can walk before getting leg pain.

Diabetes Health Steps 

For those who have Diabetes or may be at risk of developing it.

Exercise has been proven to greatly improve and reduce the effects of diabetes.


12 week rehabilitation programme for cancer survivors. 

Move On aims to provide inidividuals the confidence to get back to an active and healthy lifestyle following their treatment.

Movement To Music

A dance class for individuals with parkinson's disease. Research has shown that that participation in regular dance may improve symptoms of parkinson's.


Programmes are medically supervised and carefully monitored in a casual and friendly atmosphere. Participants are asked to attend 2 sessions per week for at least 3months. DCU Sport have excellent faciltites. The staff are enthuastic and experienced in assisting people with various illnesses to excercise, and become fitter, healthier and encourage them to enjoy an active lifestyle.

Prior to commencing any MedEx Programmes a referall letter and list of relevant medication is required from your Consultant/GP.  Clients must attend an induction/assessment session, before joining in any of the programmes.


For information on cost/payment methods and general queries please contact DCU Sport Complex Reception on 01 700 5797

To arrange induction/appointments please contact the MedEx administrator Lorraine Corcoran Tuesday - Friday 9:30am-5pm Phone: 01 700 8467 Fax: 01 700 5784

€50 per month

€420 per year

**Terms & Conditions apply.