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In-Class Supports

Students registered with the DLSS may be allocated in class supports.

These academic supports are put in place to support students that cannot take their own notes or need to access the content of the class differently.

Some examples of in class supports:

Personal Assistant

Notetaker -   Notetakers are not allowed to reveal the students identity for whom they are taking notes for to anyone including lecturers

CART typist - CART typist will generally need a seat at the front of the lecture room

Sign language interpreter -   Sign language interpreters will sit at the front of the lecturer room facing the deaf student

Use of a digital dictaphone -  Students who wish to use a digital dictaphone to record a lecture must seek permission from the lecturer before recording.

Use of a Radio Aid -  Radio Aid users will need the co operation of lecturers to wear the microphone.


While it is the responsibility of the relevant School to co-ordinate in-class supports, DLSS are here in an advisory capacity to assist you.






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