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Evaluation of Fighting Words Creative Writing Model

Evaluation of Fighting Words Creative Writing Model

On Friday 17th October, the Fighting Words evaluation report was launched at Google Headquarters on the occasion of the Ashoka Changemaker Schools Launch. The research was conducted by Dr. Francesca Lorenzi and Irene White of the Centre for Culturally Responsive Evaluation and Assessment (CREA) .

This report is an evaluation of the Fighting Words creative writing centre. The report presents an overview of the work and activities carried out by Fighting Words with specific reference to the use of the model with second level students. The purpose of the evaluation is twofold; firstly, to evaluate the pedagogical effectiveness and impact of the model in its current format on secondary school students, and secondly, to examine the potential transfer of the model to the second level formal curriculum.

The research, based on an analysis of the curricular changes proposed in the recent government publication A Framework for Junior Cycle, discusses the suitability of the Fighting Words model for inclusion in the formal second level curriculum.

The report finds that the Fighting Words model has considerable grounds for inclusion in the revised Junior Cycle curriculum. The report correlates the outcomes of the research with the key skills of the revised Junior Cycle and concludes that the principles underpinning the Fighting Words ethos are consistent with the key principles of the revised Junior Cycle.

Copy of the report:

Fighting Words Book

23rd October, 2014