School of Electronic Engineering

Undergraduate Degree Programmes

Electronic and Computer Engineering (DC200)

More than any other discipline, electronic and computer engineering has been at the heart of generating the technology of our modern society. The electronic and computer engineer is a problem solver by nature — a person who wonders about how things work, and how to make things work the way they want to. How do you explain something you can’t see - like the electron, or something you can’t distinguish like the photon? How do you differentiate the algorithm from the computer that makes the algorithm real? Through the power of their minds and their instruments, electronic and computer engineers reach into these invisible worlds and make them useful for mankind.


This programme is for you if you want to learn a creative approach to problem-solving, and gain a critical awareness of the impact of electronics and computers on society. Solid theoretical study and significant practical laboratory work combine on this programme to give you the knowledge and skills to become a qualified electronic and computer engineer with the ability to innovate and adapt within an exciting and rapidly changing industry. This programme is accredited by Engineers Ireland.

Mechatronic Engineering (DC193)

Mechatronic engineering is about combining mechanical technology with electronic and computer technology and software design to create ‘smart’, often connected machines. The key enabling technologies of mechatronics are electronic sensing and electromechanical actuation. Electronic circuits interface these to computers where the software intelligence lies to enable these smart machines. Robots are obvious examples of mechatronic technology, but so is everything that happens in a car or washing machine where a mechanical device changes position or state because of an electronic signal. This programme sits across the three different disciplines of electronic engineering, mechanical engineering and software design, building on the expertise of each to do things that no one of them could do separately. It is jointly presented by the School of Electronic Engineering and the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. This programme is accredited by Engineers Ireland.

Common Entry to Engineering (DC200)

If you’re interested in engineering, but haven’t yet made a choice between the options available, the Common Entry into Engineering (Undenominated Entry) option allows you extra time before you decide, with no delay towards your ultimate degree. This option leads to a number of different degree programmes that are all accredited by Engineers Ireland.