Engaged Research Festival 2023
ER Festival

Engaged Research Festival

Glasnevin Campus
The Gallery, The Helix
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Free of Charge
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Luke Quinlan (luke.quinlan@dcu.ie)

The DCU Centre for Engaged Research is hosting the Engaged Research Festival on 11 December 2023. This Festival is to celebrate the university’s long-standing commitment, through its various strategies and driven teams of researchers across all fields, to community; be it locally, regionally or nationally. This event will take place in the Gallery in the Helix, on DCU Glasnevin Campus. At this festival, researchers and their engaged research projects will be showcased, internal panel discussions will be held to discuss the most pressing issues in the area of engaged research, and external speakers will discuss engaged research, in its various forms, on the international stage. It is set to be a truly positive experience, recognising the brilliant work being done at DCU and pushing the engaged research agenda forward.

For more information, please follow the link below to the Engaged Research Festival schedule: 

Follow this link to the Engage Research Festival Schedule

If you are interested in joining us at the Engaged Research Festival, please register at the link below:

Follow this link to register for the Engaged Research Festival

Poster Call for Engaged Research Projects at DCU

DCU researchers who have worked on projects, or are currently working in this area, are invited to submit proposals to present their work at the Engaged Research Festival; for example, their innovative approaches to research and/or public engagement, their research activities in progress, the results of previous engaged research, or new ideas and engaged research practices which they are soon to embark on. These exemplars should align with DCU’s goal of transforming lives and society through authentic, meaningful and innovative public engagement. The application process is open from 23 - 31 October.
A poster session will provide a visual representation of the fantastic engaged research being conducted at DCU as well as a catalyst for discussion for the researchers and attendees at the Engaged Research Festival. Additionally, it will provide an opportunity for researchers to receive feedback, share knowledge and potentially network across the university. Posters will be presented in two in-person poster sessions where author(s) stand by their poster and speak with attendees of the festival.
If you would like to present an engaged research project at the Engaged Research Festival, please follow the link below:

Follow this link to submit a poster to the Engaged Research Festival

What is Engaged Research to Dublin City University?

Engaged research is part of a broader move towards collaborative engagement with community stakeholders to address societal challenges in a responsive manner. It explores the potential for increased collaborative activities, participation and knowledge dissemination and encourages greater public ownership. Engaged research aligns with DCUs mission to transform lives and societies through education, research, engagement and innovation. It reflects the need to rebuild societies towards a new sustainable, collaborative and resilient model, as well as harness and communicate the knowledge of the university to address social needs directly, understanding the transformative power of university-community partnerships.

If you have any questions, please contact:
Ronaldo Munck, Centre Director (ronnie.munck@dcu.ie).
Luke Quinlan, Centre Coordinator (luke.quinlan@dcu.ie).