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Sharing Knowledge Webinar Series - Breige Casey 'Collaborative Meaning making: Participatory Arts-based Inquiry as Engaged Research'

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The Centre for Engaged Research is delighted to welcome Breige Casey to speak about her work this December. This presentation, entitled 'Collaborative Meaning making: Participatory Arts-based Inquiry as Engaged Research', will focus on arts-based inquiry and how it can be utilised to uncover important and novel findings. Breige's presentation will demonstrate a unique and resourceful way to engage with stakeholders, we are very much looking forward to having her. 


Participatory research methods involving service users, community groups and marginalised communities have a long legacy in social science research (Albert et al 2021). These inclusive approaches are underpinned by the principles of citizen social science research, and patient/public involvement models which involve citizens in the design and/or conduct of research, across all phases and processes. Current models of engaged research across other disciplines, increasingly feature values/practices of participant collaboration and co-creation. Participatory Arts-based Research (PABR) is a form of engaged research in which participants collaborate with researchers in ‘art making as a way of knowing’ (Leavy 2018 p4). This approach uses visual, dramatic, and poetic practices as means of inquiry in themselves as well as providing divergent ways of interpreting and re-presenting human experience (Eisner, 2002). PABR offers powerful methods of engaging diverse groups; exploring perceptions and facilitating sharing of experiences. This grass roots dialogue and collaboration is fundamental for developing sensitive, creative socially engaged research practice and knowledge development. PABR offers participants opportunities to inquire into life narratives, reveal insights that are beyond words, and to translate and express this tacit knowledge. (Casey & Webb, 2019; Nunn 2020). In this webinar Briege will discuss the characteristics, processes, affordances and challenges of (PABR) and will share some examples of research in this area.


This webinar will be recorded and posted on our YouTube Channel. 

Follow this link to the Centre for Engaged Research YouTube Channel.