The Power of Collaboration - Samantha Fahy, 'The Sustainability Challenge'
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CER Webinar Series 'The Power of Collaboration', Samantha Fahy - 'The Sustainability Challenge'

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The Centre for Engaged Research is delighted to welcome our second speaker, Samantha Fahy, to 'The Power of Collaboration' webinar series. Samantha's presentation, entitled 'The Sustainability Challenge', will be extremely interesting as a case which involves increased public engagement and public buy-in and is continuously topical in the public realm. Sustainability and, indeed, the climate crisis is something which affects us all, and it will be incredibly interesting to hear about the role that higher education plays in this area. We are very happy to bring Samantha into this series, and we hope that our attendees engage in enjoyable discourse on the matter. 


Samantha's talk will focus on the climate and biodiversity challenge and the fundamental need for cross sectoral as well as cross societal collaboration in the development and deployment of solutions. It will be seen that, solutions will come in many forms, and we  as a society will need all of them. Some will be technology based and some will be nature based, however many solutions will be based in significant behavioural changes to transform ourselves, our economy and our society so that together we can meet the sustainability challenge.


Samantha Fahy holds a primary Science degree from University of Galway (1991), a Master in Optoelectronics from Queen’s University Belfast (1992), a diploma in Management from Trinity College Dublin (1997) and an MBA from Dublin City University (2010). Samantha started her career in plasma physics and has over twenty years of experience in the management and administration of high technology complex multi-stakeholder research projects. In 2012, Samantha was appointed to ‘Sustainability DCU’ and has led DCU in a series of initiatives internally and externally including the establishment of the DCU Sustainability Council and the Irish Universities Associations Sustainability Working Group. Driving DCU’s first Climate Action Plan in 2021 and Climate Action Roadmap in 2023 to delivering numerous novel and innovative programmes across the institution Sam has gained DCU a top 20 position in the International UI Green Metrics rankings for the last six consecutive years and successfully gained and retained DCU’s Green Campus Status under the An Taisce/International Foundation for Environmental Education programme. Working with cross disciplinary teams, Samantha supports sustainability focused research developing solutions to the many climate and biodiversity challenges.


This webinar will be recorded and made available on the Centre for Engaged research website and on our YouTube Channel. 


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