The Power of Collaboration Webinar Series - Mathias Urban '¡Viva Zapata!? Community Research Collectives and Other Necessary Ways to Throw All Caution to The Wind'
Professor Mathias Urban

The Power of Collaboration Webinar Series - Mathias Urban '¡Viva Zapata!? Community Research Collectives and Other Necessary Ways to Throw All Caution to The Wind'

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The Centre for Engaged Research is delighted to kick off 2024 with an excellent speaker, DCU's Mathias Urban. Mathias is an expert in early childhood education and does incredibly engaging work with various communities in this area. We are very pleased to have him appear in this series and feel his work embodies the message of this webinar series. 


According to Mathias, in the undated short paper titled a layperson’s guide to co-operative inquiry, Peter Reason and John Heron invite us to embrace that collaborative research regularly requires us to ‘throw all caution to the wind’. The statement sits within a strong tradition of participatory research into complex situations, configurations, and lived experience. As Thomas Schwandt (2004) puts it in a poetics of inquiry, the fact of the matter is that we, the academic researchers, will have to learn how NOT to be in methodological control. More recently, collaborative research has gained new relevance in the context of anti- and de-colonising approaches to research grounded in an ethical stance of non-extractivism, social, political and environmental justice–referred to by Esteva et al (2014) as grassroots post-modernism. In this webinar Mathias will discuss implications of collaborative research for academics and the academy: what do we (and society) gain from a (perceived) loss of (imaginary) power?


Mathias Urban, PhD, is Desmond Chair of Early Childhood Education, and Director of the Early Childhood Research Centre (ECRC) at Dublin City University, Ireland and Professor (II) of Pedagogy at the University of Stavanger, Norway. He works on questions of integrated early childhood systems, diversity and equality, social justice, and professionalism in diverse socio-cultural contexts. Mathias has over 20 years’ experience in designing and leading international collaborative research projects. He was awarded the ‘Marianne Bloch Distinguished Career Award’ by the international Reconceptualising Early Childhood Education network in 2018, and the DCU President’s Research Impact Award 2020. Mathias is the lead author of the 2018 (Argentina), 2019 (Japan), 2020 (Saudi Arabia), 2021 (Italy), 2022 (Indonesia), and 2024 (Brazil) G20/T20 early childhood development, education and care policy briefs, a member of the European Commission expert working group on Early Childhood Education and Care, a member of the global Child Rights Connect Working Group on Children and the Right to Education, and a member of the Board of TASC, the Think Tank for Action on Social Change.


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