George L. Openjuru - Vice Chancellor and Professor of Education at Gulu University, Uganda

Prof. George L Openjuru is currently Vice Chancellor and Professor of Education at Gulu University. He was formerly Deputy Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs at Gulu University and Dean of School of Distance and Lifelong Learning, College of Education and External Studies, He was also the Head of the Department of Community Education and Extra-Mural Studies, all at Makerere University. He was an Associate Professor of Adult and Community Education. His area of specialisation and research is adult literacy education and Lifelong Learning. He holds a PhD in Education with a specific focus on adult literacy education. He has published articles in the area of adult literacy education, lifelong learning, Higher Education, Community Based Participatory Action Research and Community University Engagement. He taught the following courses at the postgraduate level. Theories and philosophy in adult and community education; policy studies in adult and community education, Adult literacy studies, Adult Education and Community Development, while still at Makerere University. As part of his Community University  Engagement, George is active in supporting civil society organizations that promote adult education in Uganda. He is a coordinator of the UNESCO Chair on Social Responsibility In Higher Education and Community University Engagement. He is the UNESCO Chair of Lifelong Learning Youth and Works at Gulu University.

He was part of an East African Team that worked on the TESCEA/SPHEIR Project, focusing on enhancing graduate employability for social change in East Africa. He has coordinated several projects in the area of adult literacy education, Entrepreneurship Literacies for non-literate out-of-school youths in Uganda; he was involved with youth entrepreneurship and employability training with many universities in Uganda and UK.

Specialities: Project Management, Adult and Community Education, and Higher Education focusing on social responsibility through community university engagement and social inclusion