DCU in the Community Summer School 2022

DCU in the Community Summer School 2022

All classes are free of charge!

Who can attend? All welcome! The workshops are suitable for anyone interested

Where? All sessions take place online via Zoom (link will be emailed on registration)

How to enrol? Please register using the link under each session to receive the link to Zoom session. You will need a laptop/tablet/mobile with good internet connection and Zoom installed.

Queries & Contact: Joanna Ozarowska, joanne.ozarowska@dcu.ie

Working Towards Recovery in Mental Health: Recovery College

11th July, Monday, 11.00—12.00

Learn about recovery in mental health, rebuilding satisfying lives and finding meaning

Facilitator: Martha Griffin, Chair of the Peer Support in Mental Health Programme and Peer Educator with Recovery College, DCU School of Nursing, Psychotherapy and Community Health

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Positive Psychology—An Introduction

12th July, Tuesday, 10.00—11.00

Learn about human flourishing: positive thoughts, awareness, strength and forgiveness

Facilitator: Elaine Metcalfe, Adult Educator

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Mediate Before You Litigate

13th July, Wednesday, 11.00—12.00

Mediation differs from litigation. It lets you resolve interpersonal, workplace, family and neighbour disputes in a face-to-face manner without expensive fees. The mediator does not take sides or determine the outcome. You are in control. The session will tell you about the five stages of the mediation process

Facilitator: Geoffrey Corry, former mediator for Family Mediation Service and former Chair of Glencree Centre for Reconciliation

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Climate Change and Cities

14th July, Thursday, 10.00—11.00

Learn how cities contribute to, and are affected by climate change. What role can cities play in addressing climate change?

Facilitator: Dr Danny Marks, DCU School of Law and Government

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Guided Mindfulness Session

19th July, Tuesday, 10.00—11.00

Follow this gentle guided mindfulness and meditation session

Facilitator: Helena Ahern, Head of the Counselling & Personal Development Service, DCU

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Malleable Memory—How Reliable Is Eyewitness Testimony?

20th July, Wednesday, 10.00—11.00

"All of our memories are reconstructed memories... They're dynamic. They're malleable. They're volatile" - Scott Fraser

Facilitator: Orla Mooney, PhD Candidate, DCU School pf Psychology

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