Engaged Research: Ethical Principles and Practices (DRAFT)
CER ethics

The Centre for Engaged Research's Draft Ethical Principles and Practices for Engaged Research

The Centre for Engaged Research has recently shared it's draft principles and practices for an engaged research project. From consultations with DCU staff at previous events, frequently asked questions directed to us from enthusiastic researchers beginning new projects and discussions with university designated research centres, it was felt that some clarity was needed on how to approach an engaged research project and working with community collaborators, researchers and participants. These draft principles are a draft as we believe they demonstrate the correct way to work with communities but also allow for some leeway as it is beleived that engaged research is continuously evolving and varies across the different disciplines. We have condensed our points down to; 


  • Beneficence / Do no Harm

  • Respect & Dignity

  • Collaboration and Reciprocity

  • Transparency and Accountability

  • Justice and Commitment

  • Against Extractivism


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