Developing Engaged Research Workshop - 27 Feb. 2023

Developing Engaged Research Workshop - Centre for Engaged Research in association with the Research Office

The Centre for Engaged Research (CER) in association with the Research Office successfully hosted a the Developing Engaged Research Workshop at Dublin City University (DCU), Glasnevin Campus, on 27th February 2023. This event brought together over  over 30 members of staff; including heads of research centres, researchers those in the public engagement space, from over 10 university designated research centres (UDRCs). Additionally, we had external speakers, namely Andrew Church; Pro Vice Chancellor Research and Innovation at the University of Bedfordshire. All attendees came together to discuss how engaged research is conducted in their aarea of research; the positives, the negatives, and the barriers they have had to overcome. As engaged research is coming to the fore, as a group we discussed the ways in which engaged research could be facilitated more at DCU. We held breakout sessions where co-creation sessions were conducted, discussing the topics of 'Engaged Research methodologies' facilitated by Ronnie Munck and Brenda McNally, 'Engaged Research and Impact' facilitated by Christine Loscher and Helen Burke, and 'Community Links' facilitated by Laura Mahoney and Luke Quinlan. Through these co-creation sessions and open discussions held across the morning, recommendations were recorded which will be considered by DCU, all of which are recommendations to facilitate more engaged research across the university. 


This event was organised as it is believed that engaged research is coming to the fore in Europe and DCU strives to continue to take a leadership role within this space, not least as part of the European Consortium of Innovative Universities.  The CER is spearheading DCU’s effort to embed the methodologies and practices of engaged research, within DCU, nationally and internationally. There are many examples of excellent engaged research already being carried out across the DCU UDRCs. However,  The CER and Research Office wished to bring together the UDRCs to facilitate a shared learning experience (e.g. methodologies, successes, issues, innovative strategies etc.) and equip researchers with the tools and knowledge they need to engage in meaningful engaged research and assist with securing the necessary funding to facilitate it.


The overall aims of the event were to increase the synergies between the DCUUDRCs and to ensure that they are supported and equipped to engage in meaningful engaged research, are committed to utilising such a methodology and to collaborating with each other, the CER, and relevant community organisations.  This event will be a key component in the development of a positive, inclusive movement within DCU towards actively pursuing an engaged research agenda.


See the event schedule and recommendations below: