Nieves Tapia - Latin-American Centre for Solitary Learning and Service, Argentina

María Nieves Tapia is founder and Director of the Centro Latinoamericano de Aprendizaje y Servicio Solidario (CLAYSS). Between 1997 and 2009 she initiated and coordinated national programs of service-learning of the Argentinean Ministry of Education, “Escuela y Comunidad” (School and Community, 1997-2001) and Educación Solidaria (Solidary Education, 2003-2010), as well as the Program of Supportive Schools of the City of Buenos Aires (2002-2003).

Graduate of History, Nieves Tapia worked as a teacher in the National Institute of the Faculty “Joaquín V. González,” in the Universidad Católica Argentina and in the University of Buenos Aires, as well as in secondary schools. Currently, she gives a Seminar about service-learning in FLACSO Buenos Aires.
Founding member of the International Association of Researchers in service-learning (2005), she received in 2001 the international Alec Dickson Servant Leader Award in Youth Service.

She has been invited to give conferences in Universities and organizations on five continents. She has participated in juries of numerous national and international education awards, among them the Presidential Prize “Escuelas Solidarias” (Solidary Schools) and “Prácticas Solidarias en Educación Superior” (Solidary Practices in Higher Education) of Argentina and the international MacJannet Prize at the popular agreement of the university.

She is author of numerous books and articles in Spanish, English, Portuguese, and Italian, among them in particular “El compromiso social como pedagogía. Aprendizaje y solidaridad en la escuela” (Social compromise as pedagogy. Learning and solidarity in school), published in 2015 by CELAM; “Aprendizaje y servicio solidario en el sistema educativo y las organizaciones juveniles” (Learning and solidary service in the education system and youth organizations, 2006) and “La solidaridad como pedagogía” (Solidarity as pedagogy, 2000).