Pablo Pozzi - Latin American Council of Social Sciences, Argentina

Pablo Pozzi, PhD in History (SUNY at Stony Brook 1989) is a Plenary Full Professor in the History Department of the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina), where he holds the Chair in United States History and teaches the dissertation seminar on Argentine Labor. He specializes in contemporary social history, specifically post 1945 labor, both in Argentina and in the United States. He is a class I (one) national researcher, and has published numerous articles and books on Argentina and on the United States.

Some of his works are La oposición obrera a la dictadura (1976-1982) (Editorial Contrapunto 1988) [Labor Opposition to the Dictatorship, 1976-1982], Los setentistas. Izquierda y clase obrera,1969-1976 (Eudeba, 2000) [People of the 70’s. Culture and Life Histories of the Argentine Left from 1965 to 1975], Por la sendas argentinas. El PRT-ERP, la guerrilla marxista (Eudeba 2001) [The Marxist Guerrillas of the PRT-ERP],  Luchas sociales y crisis en Estados Unidos, 1945-1993 (El Bloque Editorial 1993) [Social Conflict and Crisis in the United States (1945-1993)], Huellas Imperiales. Estados Unidos de la crisis de acumulación a la globalización capitalista (Editorial Imago Mundi 2003) [The United States between crisis and globalization] y Trabajadores y conciencia de clase en Estados Unidos (Editorial Cántaro 1990) [From Washington to Reagan: Workers and Class Conscience in the United States]. Historia oral e historia política. Izquierda y lucha armada en América Latina (Ediciones LOM 2012) [Oral History and Political History. The Left and Armed Struggle in Latin America], y Por el camino del Che. Las guerrillas latinoamericanas 1959-1990 (Imago Mundi 21012) [On Che´s Path. Latin American Guerrillas 1959-1990].

In addition, he is part of the Advisory Board to the National Memory Archive (Argentina), heads the Oral History Program at the University of Buenos Aires, and is the Director of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies on Latin America (INDEAL), University of Buenos Aires. He was a member of the International Committee of the Organization of American Historians ,and a former Contributing Editor to the Journal of American History. He was also the elected representative for South America to the International Oral History Association (IOHA) Board, is on the Scientific Board of the Brazilian Oral History Association, and was until 2013 President of the Argentine Oral History Association (AHORA). He retired in 2019.