Phan Nguyen Ai Nhi - Vietnam National University, Vietnam

I spent 5 years for researching modern teaching methods, curriculum design in Europe and 12 years for setting up & developing my Department of Mathematics Education that belongs to Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Sciences, University of Science Ho Chi Minh City. I’m interested in using active and experiential teaching and learning methods to motivate students to learn creatively and independently. I involved my students by having them work on the education projects for the disabled students. My students and I received 5 city, province and national awards of the national technological creation in year 2015, 2016 and 2017 related to our project supporting impaired students’ learning. I taught about 30 courses from 2011 to 2018 at Center for Excellent Education (CEE - and I’ve organized over 30 training courses for Center of Mathematical Science (CMS), related to modern teaching methods, classroom organization and management, syllabus/curriculum design and assessment for over 4000 teachers from schools, colleges and universities in Southern Vietnam since 2013.


I played the role as a teacher trainer for and a program evaluator since the AUN program & CDIO Initiative (a comprehensive program that returns engineering education to its restoring proper balance between engineering practice and the disciplinary knowledge of science & mathematics) have spread in the Vietnam National University. I’ve researched Service Learning (SL), STEAM education and the integration of SL-STEAM model into Vietnamese education system and organize many STEM training programs for thousands of teachers.


I’ve worked with Prof. Young-shin Park of Chosun University and Dr. Kazi Shashidullah of Nevada University about STEAM transformation and with Prof. Hong-ming Lam of the Chinese University of Hong Kong in a SL-STEM survey project on public opinion about Global Food Security, Climate Change and Resilience. Besides, I’ve cooperated with Prof. Munck – Head of Civic Engagement – Dublin City University through the project funded by the Irish Aids “Embedding Community Based Learning in STEM Education for Socio – Economic Development and Active Citizenship”.