The Centre for Engaged Research will promote the ideals and methodologies of engaged research in students and researchers' work. To do this we have organised various workshops, lectures, and even taught modules where researchers can learn to effectively incorporate engaged research practice.

DCU is now the first university to offer a full module dedicated to Engaged Research. 


The module (CM602) will be based in the School of Communications with Dr Padraig Murphy as module coordinator. It will be available to postgraduate students across all faculties in the university, offering them 10 credits and a thorough grounding in the diverse methodologies and principles of Engaged Research. Furthermore, as a cross-faculty module, students will be encouraged and equipped to carry out inter-disciplinary collaborative research.


Community engagement, research ethics and societal impact are increasingly key components of project structures and funding applications across Europe. The module will equip DCU students of all fields with the key skills to integrate the methodologies and priorities of engaged into their work. 


As part of this module, students are required to blog their journey through an Engaged Research practice in their respected fields. Follow this link to view examples blogs.


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The Centre for Engaged Research holds staff training sessions throughout the year to embed the principles of engaged research and facilitate its methodologies across multiple disciplines, and showcase how the centre can enable and assist researchers' work.


In this training the principles of engaged research are demonstrated and explained; acquiring objectives, engaging with communities groups, collecting and analysing data, and disseminating information. The Centre highlights the avenues available to researchers through their partnership with DCU in The Community and the Dublin City Public Participation Network (PPN). 


With clarity on how to conduct engaged research and additional aid via the centre's network system, researchers become more equipped to conduct more purposeful research. 


Previous staff training slideshows are available to download below:

Together with the Dublin City Public Participation Network (PPN) and DCU Learning & Development, the Centre for Engaged Research hosts the PPN Summer School. This PPN Summer School is designed to increase PPN organisation's capacities and support their work, as well as facilitating vital networking between DCU and community groups. 


The PPN Summer School offers a range of seminars which target essential skills necessary for community groups to evolve; for example, public speaking, presentation skills, and project management. The Centre for Engaged Research works work the Dublin City PPN to establish the most suitable topics in an effort to make the event the most advantageous and most practical for the PPN organisations. Seminars are conducted by DCU staff, the DCU learning & Development team, as well as external educators and instructors. 


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Follow this link for the Schedule of the PPN Summer School 2022.


Download the schedule of the PPN Summer School 2022 below: