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Equal Status Act


Legislation and Policies

Equal Status Acts 2000 and 2004

  • The Equal Status Act 2000 came into force on the 25th October 2000.
  • It was amended by the Equality Act 2004 on the 19th July 2004.
  • The Acts relate to discrimination based on the following 9 grounds: Gender, Civil Status, Family Status, Age, Race, Religion, Disability, Sexual Orientation, Membership of the Traveller community.
  • The Acts apply to people who:
      1. Buy and sell a wide variety of goods,
      2. Use or provide a wide range of services,
      3. Obtain or dispose of accommodation,
      4. Attend at, or are in charge of, educational establishments,
      5. There are separate provisions on discriminatory clubs.
  • However all complaints must relate to at least one of the 9 discriminatory grounds listed in the previous point.