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Mental Wellbeing

The HSE (Health Service Executive) is the statutory body responsible for the provision of public health services in Ireland.

The HSE (Health Service Executive), National Office for Suicide Prevention in Ireland has developed two websites www.letsomeoneknow.ie and www.yourmentalhealth.ie which deal with mental health issues.

www.letsomeoneknow.ie is an Irish site that aims to help young people look after their mental health. The site is targeted at the youth audience up to the age of 17 and provides information about the problems and pressures they experience in their everyday lives such as bullying, depression and peer pressure. The site includes real life stories alongside information on where to seek advice and support.

www.yourmentalhealth.ie is another Irish site aimed at the general population with a focus on the 18 and over age group. The site provides information and advice about positive mental health and looks at issues such as depression, anxiety and bereavement that can affect mental health.  The site also outlines the main mental health problems and provides information that will help users identify if they themselves, or indeed a loved one, is suffering from a mental health problem.


Walk In My Shoes

St. Patrick's Hospital Foundation launched Walk In My Shoes in 2012.  The initiative's meaning is simple: to understand what someone who suffers from mental illness is going through, we need to walk in their shoes.  The foundation have produced a number mental health information packs which are available from their website


One of their packs relates to university (students) and is available below along with one for 

A broader article on working and your mental health is also availabe.