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Links to external organisations and agencies that can be contacted for further information and support.

Age Ground

  1. National Council of Ageing and older people
    Email info@ncaop.ie
  2. Age Action Ireland www.ageaction.ie
  3. Age & opportunity www.olderinireland.ie
  4. National Youth Council of Ireland www.youth.ie

Disability Ground:

  1. National Disability Authority (NDA) www.nda.ie
  2. Forum of People with Disabilities www.inforum.ie
  3. Irish Deaf Society www.irishdeafsociety.ie
  4. National Association of Intellectual Disability of Ireland (namhi) www.namhi.ie
  5. Disability Federation of Irleand (DFI) www.disability-federation.ie
  6. National Council for the Blind in Ireland www.ncbi.ie
  7. People with Disabilities in Ireland (PWDI)

Race Ground:

  1. National Consultative Committee on Racism and Interculturalism (NCCRI) www.nccri.com
  2. Irish Refugee Council www.irishrefugeecouncil.ie

Traveller Ground:

  1. Irish traveller movement (ITM) www.itmtrav.ie
  2. Pavee Point - Travellers Centre www.paveepoint.ie

Religion Ground:

  1. Islamic foundation of Ireland www.islaminireland.com

Gender Ground:

  1. Transgender Equality Network Ireland www.teni.ie
  2. National Women's Council of Ireland www.ncwi.ie

Family Status Ground:

  1. OPEN (One parent exchange network) www.oneparent.ie
  2. Caring for carers www.caringforcarers.org
  3. Caring association of Ireland www.carerireland.ie

Sexual Orientation Ground:

  1. Gay and Lesbian Equality Network www.glen.ie