EROSS - Expressions Research Orientations: Sexuality Studies

Eross - Expressions Research Orientations: Sexuality Studies


EROSS (Expressions, Research, Orientations: Sexuality Studies) is a DCU-based research group aimed at investigating in an open fashion the varied processes and variations in sexual cultures, sexual identities and gender role formation. In so doing, we wish to elaborate on the many debates informing the artistic, cultural, economical, ethical, historical, and social foundations of sexuality, at personal and societal levels. EROSS, a cross-, inter-, and multi-disciplinary research cluster, welcomes academics, researchers and professionals whose aims are to enhance sexual literacy, generate well being and advocate social justice.

Our Research output will stem from the disciplines pertaining to the fields of Arts, Health, Humanities and Social Sciences. This reflects the interdisciplinary and intercultural ethos of Dublin City University, as well as the broad, all-encompassing approach to research enjoyed at Dublin City University.

EROSS will provide a national platform for contemporary Irish debates, and also formalize and develop links with leading academic and research institutions in Ireland and abroad. The very remit of EROSS is dual; it has a social mission and it fulfils an investigative function, thus contributing towards greater and more sustainable community development. Dealing with the political and the personal, aiming at the empowerment of the self in society, EROSS addresses and redefines the ethical, philosophical and cultural values in an ever-changing world.

Mel Duffy (School of Nursing, Psychotherapy & Community Health- SNPCH)

Jean-Philippe Imbert (School of Applied Language and Intercultural Studies - SALIS)