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Space Management and Allocation Policy

All space is owned by DCU and management of this space is administered on behalf of the University by the Office of the COO through the Estates Office. There is no Faculty-, School-, Service- or Unit-owned space on the campus.

It is the policy of the Estates Office to provide data and analysis to ensure that all space owned by the University is being used to its full potential and is fairly allocated. All university space will be managed to ensure effective and efficient utilisation, as well as fair allocation and reallocation based on measured need.

Allocation of space does not imply permanent residence, but rather a commitment based upon continued programme justification and in consideration of the campus-wide space needs in response to the ever-changing University demands.

For space management and auditing INSITE is the primary tool used. This CAFM (Computer Aided Facilities Management) system integrates the maps and floor plans of all University buildings with a database of space information, (www.insite.org).

The Estates Office (in conjunction with the Faculty / School / Unit) performs space audits to maintain the accuracy of the space inventory and floor plans. These audits are carried out periodically. Space standards and guidelines are applied uniformly for comparative analysis. In addition, the Estates Office liaises with Directors and Faculty heads to gather additional information about each unit's current space use and needs. This data is used for ongoing analysis to determine adequate space allocation.

The Estates Office works closely with the Office of the COO, Senior Management and SPAMG with regard to space allocation and requests.

To request a space(s) or carry out any type of internal re-organisation of space, please complete the Request Form (link below) and email it to space.request@dcu.ie with copy to fina.akintola@dcu.ie, gaye.crowley@dcu.ie and richard.kelly@dcu.ie.

Request Form (PDF)