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Last Updated February 2018


PRD60 Pension Related Deduction End of Year Certificate

This Certificate is only relevant to DCU Staff (Full and Part-Time)

PRD60 is a VALUABLE DOCUMENT and is important that it is kept safely.

This document is available via Coreportal Page (Link below) with the exception of Part Time Claim Form Staff (where applicable) and DCU Pensioners (whom have not opted for Electronic Method) who will receive Paper Copy of the document.

The Department of Finance are responsible for the implementation of the Pension Related Deduction. If DCU is your main employer this PRD60 Certificate is for your information only. Where DCU is your subsidiary employer you should pass this certificate on to your main employer for year end reconciliation to be processed. Any DCU staff member that DCU is their main employer and you receive a PRD60 from another employer this certificate should be forwarded to the DCU payroll office who in turn will run a year end reconciliation to ensure that overall the correct PRD has been deducted.