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Payments Schedule 

This webpage is designed to provide information of processed payments to DCU/Companies suppliers and staff/postgrad students-expenses.

The attached schedule sets out by week DCU payment runs:

  • DCU Suppliers,
  • DCU Sundry Once Off payments,
  • DCU Campus Companies Suppliers,
  • DCU Core Staff Expenses,

The schedule is updated on weekly basis by accounts payable staff,

All approved invoices are included in the payment run,

Remittances advise are emailed when payment run is complete,

Invoice/s Status reports can be emailed to Suppliers - to request, please email to:

Accounts Payable FAQ 

Staff Expenses – Core:

All Expense claim forms and receipts must be forwarded the to Finance Office Approved Expenses are paid on a weekly basis,

Status of an Expense Claim can be checked by login to  My Expense Self Service 

Remittances are emailed once claims are paid, 

Core system FAQ