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Core System Frequently Asked Questions

Additional FAQ

  • How can I get access to Core System? 
  • Access to your Staff Portal account originates from CoreHR which enables staff or students on stipends automatic access to Core Pay, Core Time and Core Expenses.

    Any staff member or student on stipend who have issues logging in to their Core Portal should contact ISS who can grant access once the staff member or student are visible on the core system.

    Other students who are not in receipt of a stipend should claim any approved expenses via the Expenditure Requisition Form. They should contact their local administration person or school secretary to have the form completed.

  • How can I check if my claim is approved?
    You can view the status of all claims on your core expenses portal page. The claim history is on the left hand side.

  • After my manager signs off on my expenses what further approval is required?
    The claim form and receipts need to be sent to finance and they are signed off by Finance before payment is made .

  • If my expense claim is approved by my manager when will it be paid?
    Expenses are paid on a weekly basis. All claim forms received by Finance by 12 noon every Tuesday and the claim is approved by the approver, the monies are transferred to the claimants bank the following Monday

  • Where can I Access subsistence rates for each country?
    Subsistence Allowance Abroad

  • Can I purchase a fixed asset such as computers via Core Expenses?
    No asset can be processed via core. These must be done by Purchase Order on Agresso.

  • How can I change an approver if I have submitted a claim to a wrong person?
    The approver can choose to forward your claim to the correct person or the claimant can log in and click edit. They can then make any changes to the claim.

  • Can a sub cost centre be changed once a claim is submitted?
    Yes. If they click edit they can change the subcostc. If the claim is approved then finance can put the claim back to a submitted status and changes can be made or the claim can be rejected by the approver and a new claim needs to be entered then

  • What backup or documentation do I need to provide for a corporate event?
    All receipts and a list of guest names who attended the event.

  • What costs are included in the mileage rate?
    The mileage rate is to cover all costs associated with using private transport on a business journey including Fuel, Tax and Insurance, Toll Charges, Wear and Tear and Maintenance etc.

  • How do I log into core?
    Enter your Novell details to sign in: login here

  • How frequent and when are payments made?
    Payments are made by electronic transfer on a weekly basis on Friday mornings.

  • Who do I contact if I cannot access core?
    You can contact ISS (

  • What back up documentation do I need for receipted items?
    Any invoices or original receipts and proof of payment is required.

  • Is it possible to get an advance?
    Yes we provide advances for people

  • Where can I access training on Core?
    Core expenses guides 
  • How do I submit an Expense claim? 

    Expense Trips are entered online on the Core Expenses system and can be saved for editing or adding additional expenses (Status Ready). On completion The Expense Trip should be submitted to the budget-holder for approval. 

  • How Expense claims are authorised?

    When an expense trip is submitted online, the approver (budget-holder) will be alerted via email that they have a new item to approve, when they log in to Core Expenses they can then 'approve' or authorise (or reject) the claim.

  • I am responsible for our budget, how do I know when an Item requires approval?

     You will receive an email alert directly to your email account to inform you of a new task.

  • How can I reset Password on Core? 

             If your password has expired, it is possible to reset a new one - ISS web quick links