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Core Expenses

All core expense claims must be submitted to Finance Office Accounts Payable no later than noon every Tuesday, to be processed in current week payment run.

The payment run commences every Thursday and the monies are transferred to the claimants bank account within two working days.

All claims must be approved by the approver and the Finance Office before a payment is made.

If a staff member is in receipt of an Advance Payment through the Core Expenses module, the Advance Claim relating to the Advance Payment should be submitted and approved on the Core Expenses module within ONE MONTH following the payment date of the Advance Payment.

The Advance Claim should exactly match the Advance Payment amount (€) and receipts/backup documentation must be attached online to the Advance Claim for review.

Please note, all Core Expense claims must be submitted and approved on the Core Expense module with receipts and/or other supporting documentation attached electronically to the claim (exception subsistence and mileage)  

It should be noted that Expense claims for Research Funded projects (P***** accounts) will be deemed ineligible by the external funder if the receipts and/or other supporting documentation is not attached electronically.

The process is set out in DCU’s Travelling and Subsistence Regulations, Revision October 2016 “Outside of the standard subsistence allowances all items claimed must be supported by original receipts. Credit card receipts or copies of credit card statements are not sufficient support for expense claims”.

The approver must review all original documentation and The Core expenses system requires, where applicable, the approver to confirm that receipts were viewed as part of the approval process.


“A claim for the reimbursement of travel and subsistence expenses or sundry payments must be submitted via the Core-Expenses online system. Supporting receipts for the claim should be forwarded to the selected approver who then electronically approves the claim and sends the form and receipts to the Finance Office.”