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Updated January 2020.

PPS Number Personal Public Service Number

If you do not hold a PPS Number, it is advisable you apply for one as soon as possible as Emergency Tax will apply from your salary until this is resolved (Standard Revenue Practice).   There are 2 steps you must follow and that is applying for the PPSN and then registering for an online revenue account.


Step 1. Applying for a Personal Public Service (PPS) Number.

A PPS number is an individual's unique identification number that helps you access social welfare benefits, public services and information in Ireland. 

You may already have a PPS number, if you are an Irish National and:

  • Were born in Ireland after 1971
  • Registered for tax since 1979
  • currently\previously in receipt of Social Welfare Benefit payment
  • You are participating in the Drug Payments Scheme

If you do not hold a PPS Number, it is advisable you apply for one as soon as possible as Emergency Tax will apply from your salary until this is resolved, you need to follow the steps outlined below 

  1. Register with MyGovID for a basic account via this link  (Note you will need an email address and to confirm the name as it appears on your passport)
  2. Once your MyGovID account is active, you can book a PPSN appointment via this link


To get a PPS Number, you will need to provide evidence of your identity and evidence of why you need a PPS Number. You must also provide proof of your address.

Evidence of your identity:

If you are:You will need to produce the following as evidence of your identity:
An Irish citizen born in the Republic of IrelandThe long version of your birth certificate and photographic ID, such as your passport or driving licence
An Irish citizen via naturalisation or Foreign Birth RegistrationYour current passport or Certificate of Naturalisation OR your Foreign Birth Registration certificate AND Irish or UK driving licence or Irish learner driving permit
An Irish citizen born in Northern Ireland or a UK citizenCurrent passport OR Your birth certificate showing your mother’s birth name AND current driving licence
EU citizens (other than Irish and UK)Current passport or national identity card
Non-EU citizensCurrent passport or 1951 Convention Travel Document

The following are not acceptable as evidence of your identity:

  • baptismal certificate
  • employment identity cards or personal letters
  • copies of certificates or documents
  • expired documents (For Irish and UK citizens, passports expired within the last 12 months may be accepted)

Evidence of your address

You need to show evidence of your address. You can use any of the following documents to do this.

The document must show your name and address and not be older than 3 months:

  • household utility bill
  • an official letter or document
  • a financial statement
  • property lease or tenancy agreement
  • confirmation of address by a third party such as a hotel or hostel administrator or manager, school principal or property owner*

*If you are staying with friends or relatives, an original household bill plus a note from the bill holder confirming your residency at the bill address is acceptable. This note can be written on the bill itself. 

Step 2. Register for Online Revenue Account (MyAccount) and to Register your DCU Employment via Update Job or Pension Details on MyAccount.

Upon notification of your PPS number from the DEASP, the next step is to register your details with Revenue.  The first step is to setup an online account to access Revenue by clicking on My Account 

What you need to register for myAccount

The following information must be provided on registration:

  • PPS number,
  • Date of birth,
  • Mobile number or landline number,
  • Email address,
  • Home address.

If this your first ever contact with Revenue, once you register successfully, your password will be sent to you by post.

Accessing Update Job or Pensions Details

This service is available in myAccount by clicking on the Jobs and Pensions options under PAYE Services.

Information needed to register a job

Customers will need the following information to register a job online:

  • new employer’s tax registration number (click on link (REF Q16) for appropriate Reg Number)
  • start date of the new job
  • frequency of payment
  • staff number if one has been allocated by the employer. This is also called a personnel, works or payroll number (note: this is not mandatory)

Customers may also be asked to provide additional information including:

  • occupation and other details to determine entitlement to Flat Rate Expenses
  • length of time living in Ireland and intention to stay to determine whether the customer is tax resident
  • details of overall income for the current tax year to determine the appropriate rate of Universal Social Charge (USC).

Jointly assessed customers may be asked to provide information in relation to their spouse or civil partner.

Revenue will use any relevant information from the customer’s Revenue record and will only ask for information where it is missing or may not be up to date.

Issue of Revenue Payroll Notification

After the job is registered on the Jobs and Pensions service, an RPN   will issue to the new employer. A copy of the RPN will be available to view on myAccount (PAYE Anytime) usually within 2 days of the submission being made.

RPNs set out a customer’s tax credits and rate band for the current tax year.

The information provided by the customer, in addition to the information held on Revenue’s record, will determine the appropriate tax credits and rate band.