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A wide range of industrial sectors with needs for decentralised bioanalysis can benefit from the services provided by the FPC@DCU. Such sectors include:

  • personal healthcare
  • biomedical diagnostics
  • medical devices
  • pharmaceutical production and cell line development
  • food production and quality assurance
  • veterinary diagnostics
  • industrial process optimization, monitoring and safety
  • environmental monitoring
  • surveillance of public and industrial infrastructure
  • public health
  • water quality


Bioanalytical test protocols typically involve complex, multi-step sample processing starting with preconditioning, e.g. purification and concentration of the target molecules, as well as subsequent reactions with a number of bioreagents (e.g., antibodies, enzymes, nucleic acids) followed by detection. In addition, bioanalytical testing frequently involves concurrent processing of calibration standards and dilution series as well as positive and negative controls. Sample-to-answer automation of such complex protocols requires high-level process integration and miniaturisation. This imposes a significant system-level design challenge on microfluidic flow control, sample preparation, analysis and detection as well as on raw materials and their manufacturing processes.

The FPC@DCU addresses this complex challenge as a one-stop-shop for companies wishing to develop such solutions.