Health Promotion

Healthy Eating

It is necessary for students to remember to allow the time to eat healthily, get fresh air and exercise. This is very important to fight off colds and other infections. It will also help your college performance by keeping a clear and focused mind. We are here if you need any advice on healthy eating or dieting.

Eating Tips for Busy College students

  • Don't skip Breakfast.Even if you roll out of bed at the last minute for class, ensure to grab a piece of fruit to eat while getting to the lectures.
  • Buy and prepare your own food . It will be much cheaper and healthier than relying on ready made, convenience foods.
  • Stay Hydrated. Proper hydration is important for healthy skin and organs. Drink eight glasses of water a day.
  • Healthy Snacks. Make your own lunch and bring it to college with you. This will help you save money and guaranteed a healthy lunch.
  • Fruit and Vegetables. We should all be eating at least five portions of fruit and vegetables each day. They still count whether they are fresh, frozen, tinned, dried or juiced. Use the food pyramid.
  • Fast Food. Limit your intake of high fat/salt foods Choose to eat a lean protein source, vegetables and salads.
  • Don't over do caffeine. Limit your intake of stimulants such as coffee, tea, chocolate and coke.
  • Limit alcohol consumption. Alcohol has no nutritional value.
  • Variety of foods Try to eat a variety of foods, share different recopies with friends and don't skip meals.

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