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International Centre for Innovation and Workplace Learning

Since its formation ICIWL has been at the forefront in forging collaborative links with national and international organisations and institutions. In 2014 we established the International Journal for Transformative Research (IJTR) - a peer-reviewed, open access journal which is published by Sciendo. The journal emerged out of a belief that professionals in any work setting can research their practice with transformative outcomes for themselves and others. The journal has published research conducted in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and North America. 

ICIWL is actively involved in Local, National and European projects. It currently coordinates the EU FRONTIERS Project (2018-2021) and is a partner in the EU EduHack and Klab4kids projects (2018-2021).  Previous EU projects included Play4Guidance, Inspiring Science Competitiveness and Innovation programme and the EU Seventh Framework Pathway to Inquiry Based Learning project. We have published articles from these research projects. The Centre support professionals and leaders in a wide range of enterprises, including education, health and industry. In 2017 we were successful in an Enterprise partnership application for an innovative person-to person knowledge sharing platform within communities, across the spectra of Business, Employability and Career Knowledge - BeckSearch. We support Communities Creating Jobs (CCJ) - a collective supporting small scale employment - in the use of appropriate methodologies and technologies for their community networks.

The Centre was nominated for the President’s Award for Engagement in 2014 for its work with Communities Creating Jobs (CCJ)  and was nominated again in 2017 for the EU  Inspiring Science Education and Play4Guidance projects.        

We have organised a wide range of research events, including The Annual Heart of Transformation ConferenceEntrepreneurship in Education and Training, Inquiry based learning, Creative Visual Literacy. Atlas Virtual Visit and Action Research.

ICIWL Mission

Collaboration with the Performance Engineering Laboratory in the Faculty of Engineering and Computing, DCU on the deployment of technology enhanced learning approaches. Above picture: A group of educators get ready to participate in the use of new education material involving multimodal multi-sensorial adaptation. The session took place in DCU on 10th December, 2016.