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International Journal for Transformative Research - Volume 7

The promise of an educational utopia is dangled before us – in spite of decades of evidence that shows that education is always a work in progress, never an end point (e.g. Laurillard, 2008). The papers in the December 2020 issue of the International Journal for Transformative Research offer a refreshingly honest alternative to the promise of perfection just over the horizon. All this work shows just how limited a vision of a perfectly engineered future can be. As the papers in this issue demonstrate, unless our ideas about education take into account relationships, culture and ongoing personal growth, we will be left with something brittle, and altogether unable to cope when the world changes in unexpected ways.

We hope you enjoy this issue of the journal. The International Centre for Innovation and Workplace Learning (ICIWL) welcomes contributions to the journal from professionals across the world with an interest in transformative research.

Global Perspective of Education in the Pandemic

Dr. Margaret Farren was an invited speaker at the Annual Virtual Summit for Educators and Changemakers hosted by Parisar Asha Centre for Educational Research and Training, India.

The theme of the Summit which took place on 16th January, 2021 was 'Redefining Education in the Pandemic'. 

Invited Speakers came from across the globe - Austria, India, Ireland, Kenya, Singapore, UAE and USA.

FRONTIERS Curriculum Connections 2020 and 2021

The EU Frontiers team have continued to reach out to teachers during the pandemic by offering webinars and virtual summer and winter schools. We will host a Virtual Winter school over two weekends in January and February 2021. See the timetable 

A two-week Frontiers Virtual Summer school took place from July 13th - 24th 2020. See timetable. This European event was advertised to Irish teacher through Scoilnet's Facebook page and via Twitter.

The DCU Frontiers team have  facilitated webinars in Ireland for initial post-primary teacher in October and November 2020 and in-service post-primary teachers on 24th March and 29th April 2020. The purpose of these webinars was to demonstrate learning activities that are designed to support the Junior Cycle Earth and Space strand.  Videos and online tools such as During the workshops Edpuzzle enabled teachers to engage with the practical aspects of the learning resources. Details of these events.

Join our Facebook page.

EduHack 2020

We are delighted to announce that we conducted our first EduHack Hub meeting online on Wednesday 27th May, 2020 involving participants from a wide range of industries including education, healthcare, sport, pharmaceutical and IT. We hosted an interactive online workshop where participants discussed learning and development in the current COVID-19 climate, exploring the challenges faced across the broad range of sectors they represented. The transition to eLearning, lack of face to face communication and access to and quality of digital resources were identified as key issues, while participants also identified tools for ‘hacking’ into these problems to provide possible solutions. We’re looking forward to our International Hub meetings and to collaboratively designing a final set of Education Hackathon guidelines and tools, which will be shared on our online platform at the end of this project. More information on the EduHack project can be accessed here:


The fourth FRONTIERS international project meeting took place at EGO-VIRGO in Pisa, Italy on 16th and 17th January 2020. The project partners discussed the organisation of the upcoming project training events for teachers as well as the implementation activities with students across Europe. The expertise of the consortium has produced resources on gravitational waves, astronomy and cosmology, special relativity etc. underpinned by an inquiry based learning approach. 

You can join the FRONTIERS community by visiting our website  Keep up to date with events on our Facebook page.  Browse our educational resources on the community portal.


International Journal for Transformative Research - Volume 6

The Centre is pleased to announce the publication of its December 2019 issue of the International Journal for Transformative Research - an Open-Access, peer reviewed journal published by Sciendo - a De Gruyter company. ICIWL collaborated with Professor Donna Mertens and academics and researchers from USA, South Africa and Java who are interested in research that is transformative. 

Four articles make up this issue, three are situated in Africa and one in Asia. This issue is focused on the benefits of a transformative lens to inform the methodology used in studies in an international context.   

World Conference on Online Learning

An Introduction to e-Tutoring was presented at the World Conference on Online Learning in November 2019. The presentation can be accessed here. The Introduction to eTutoring course was designed as a joint collaboration between ICIWL, PDST Technology in Education,and the Inspectorate of the Department of Education and Skills. Each module provides participants with the skills and knowledge to become an effective e-Tutor, as well as providing opportunities to participate in e-tivities, which have been designed to facilitate active learning and collaboration in an online environment.  The e-Tutoring course and the evaluation study was presented on Tuesday 5th November at the World Conference on Online Learning  which took place at the Conference Centre in Dublin (3rd-7th November). The full paper is available in the Conference Proceedings. 

Photo taken at the presentation: From L to R: Chair of session: Mark Nicholls. Dr. Margaret Farren, Dr. Yvonne Crotty, ICIWL, DCU, Madeleine Murray, PDST TiE, Ryan McInnes, eLearning Director, SHRC. 


EU FRONTIERS Meeting, Athens

The Centre is coordinating the EU FRONTIERS Project. The FRONTIERS 3rd Consortium meeting took place at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens on 29th and 30th August 2019. The project brings together expertise from scientific and educational research institutions from Ireland, France, Italy, Portugal and Greece to demonstrate how Europe's scientific infrastructure can provide powerful tools for scaling up the effective introduction of frontier science in the school curriculum and outreach programs, using an inquiry approach. The Centre is developing the pedagogical and evaluation framework to support the innovative activities. Multiplier events took place in the partner countries from September to November 2019. Full details of the events have been posted to our Facebook page.  You can check out our website and join our team and newsletter. 

Frontiers has joined Zenodo, the world's largest open access repository which allows researchers to deposit reports, research software and any research related digital artifacts. You can access Frontiers Output 1 on Zenodo. where the best outreach practices have been identified using quality criteria.

Photo of project partners at the consortium meeting in Athens. 

You can visit our website at FRONTIERS  and Join our team

Action Research using Multimedia Symposium at KU Leuven

At the Media and Learning Conference, Leuven, May 5th-7th 2019 Dr. Yvonne Crotty and Dr. Margaret Farren will host the Action Research using Multimedia workshop. The workshop will consist of practical activities that will help the participants to research concerns or issues in their own work context.  During the workshop you will be guided through action research and also the stages of the educational entrepreneurial approach to action research - Explore, Understand, Create and Transform.

As part of the Action Research Symposium there will be input from practitioner researchers from a range of settings. Paul Mahon, Senior Education Coordinator, Beaumont Hospital on designing an educational video for clinical skills, Padraig O' Beaglaoich, Education Officer, An Chomhairle um Oideachais Gaeltachta agus Gaelscolaíochta (COGG) on the creation of a collaborative online platform for post-primary teachers in the Irish-medium sector,  Edel Gallagher, Education and Communications Officer, Young Social Innovators on the development of a multimedia resource that promotes student voice and decision making, Laura Sloyan, post-primary English teacher on the development of an online digital literacy course.

Photo: L to R: Paul Mahon, Edel Gallagher, Jack Koumi (Author of book Designing Video and Multimedia), Laura Sloyan and Padraig O' Beaglaoich (COGG).  The other photos show some of the participants who attended the symposiums - personnel from the University of Brussels and Dominik Lukes from Oxford University. Dominik shared his thoughts on the symposium with this tweet. 

Heart of Transformation Conference 2019

The International Centre for Innovation and Workplace Learning organised the third Heart of Tranformation Conference at St. Patrick's Campus, Drumcondra on 29th May 2019. Practitioner researchers from a range of work settings; education, training, health, social innnovation, law and industry shared their action research enquiries. 


Centre collaborates with GAA

The Centre collaborated with the GAA in the running of the training session on15th May for Transition Year Coordinators for the Future Leaders programme.  Future Leaders Transition Year Programme is a cross curricular programme comprising of a series of modules designed to encourage maturity, initiative, responsibility and leadership skills in pupils. The Programme gives students the knowledge and skills to support all roles required in the effective staging of Gaelic Games. As part of the programme students are challenged to run a GAA Super Games Blitz or set up a Super Games Centre for younger students and/or support the coaching of younger players in the school or community. 


ICIWL was awarded an Erasmus+ project "Kitchen Lab for Kids”. The project is coordinated by Akademia Ignatianum w Krakowie, Poland. KLab4Kids will involve students, educators and parents in helping very young children (age 2-6) integrate knowledge across disciplines, connecting science to the real world and to their own interests and goals. Educators will encourage children to explore science concepts through a basic simple lab and to have them relate what is observed or discussed at school to the world outside the classroom.

RTE Brainstorm Photoessay

DCU researchers were invited to capture their research in a single image as part of the RTE Brainstorm Photoessay 'Expose your research'. PhD student Simon Creane shows the classroom of the future - his photo seeks to convey the evolution from the traditional 20th century science classroom to the technology advanced and interactive immersive classroom of the 21st century. See slide 5 of this presentation


PostgraduateCourse of the Year (Shortlisted)

The MSc. in Education and Training Management (eLearning), Institute of Education, Dublin City University was shortlisted for the Postgraduate Course of the Year under the Arts and Humanities category at the annual gradireland Higher Education Awards & Symposium which took place on Friday 23 November, 2018. These awards, now in their eighth year, are the blue riband event for higher education professionals, postgraduate admissions officers and course providers across the island of Ireland.

EU Frontiers Project

The Centre will coordinate an Erasmus + project called Frontiers. It will lead on developing the pedagogic and evaluation framework. A collection of outreach programmes will be selected and enriched with the necessary pedagogical framework to form the Frontiers Demonstrators that will be used in the school setting. The project aims to demonstrate how Nobel Prize winning science can be systematically integrated in the school curriculum using an inquiry based approach. The project will bring into the classroom activities that are based on real world problems and will involve students finding their own answers, testing their ideas, receiving feedback, and working collaboratively with other students and researchers beyond the classroom.  The countries involved in the project include Ireland, France, Italy and Greece. The total project funding amounts to 450 thousand euros. Partners at the first Frontiers Kick off meeting which took place in the Institute of Education, Dublin City University on 3rd and 4th October. 

Heart of Transformation Conference 2018

The annual Heart of Transformation Conference took place in the Seamus Heaney Theater, St. Patrick's Campus, Institute of Education, DCU on Friday 18th May, 2018. The Conference brought together professionals from a range of work settings to share their educational practices in video and multimedia with their colleagues and the academic community. The aim of the conference was to advance understanding of how to think visually and how to lead change in a range of work contexts. See Programme

BECKSearch, Enterprise Ireland

Hayes Culleton Limited based at Invent, DCU and the International Centre for Innovation and Workplace Learning (ICIWL), DCU have been awarded funding of €125,000 through Enterprise Ireland’s Innovative Partnership programme to develop BECKSearch, an innovative person-to-person knowledge sharing platform within communities across the spectra of Business Employability and Career Knowledge. BECKSearch arose as a result of a successful Innovation Partnership Feasibility Study which was conducted in the Spring of 2017. Arising from this research, Hayes Culleton and the Centre are satisfied that there is a commercial opportunity to introduce a new, innovative solution into the corporate knowledge management and person-to- person knowledge sharing spaces.

HayesCulleton Ltd partnered with the ICIWL at DCU to benefit from the latest research and state-of-the-art facilities on campus.Through the Centre, the money is earmarked to facilitate research that will directly benefit HayesCulleton, as well as find wider applications. The Lead company is Hayes Culleton, “We’re delighted to partner with DCU in pursuing this initiative. Our relationship with the various teams here has been highly positive over the years and we are most enthusiastically positive to continue building on that. At HayesCulleton, we’re very appreciative that the Innovation Partnership is available here in Ireland and specifically to small businesses focused on growth in international markets,” said Susan HayesCulleton.

The Lead Academic is Dr. Yvonne Crotty, School of STEM Education, Innovation and Global Studies. The lead institution (DCU) performed research on the competitive analysis, details of the user experience of similar platforms, payment gateways, the CRM and data dashboards, the potential market opportunity etc. The Academic team includes Dr. Margaret Farren, School of STEM Education, Innovation and Global Studies, Dr. Cathal Gurrin and Dr. Markus Helfert of the School of Computer Applications. A postdoctoral researcher will be employed to develop an algorithm and data analytics tool which will ensure the successful implementation of a secure functional operational and testing supporting software framework. 

 Heart of Transformation Conference, May 29th 2017

In collaboration with our European Play4Guidance (P4G) project The Heart of Transformation conference took place on the 29th May. 2017 from 9am-5pm in the Helix, Dublin City University. Keynote speakers included Susan HayesCulleton of Hayes Culleton Ltd., Ireland and Professor David Smith, Head of School of Education, Faculty of Arts and Education, Charles Sturt University, Australia. Rapporteur for the Conference was Professor Vitor Duarte Teodoro, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal. Keynotes.

Photos: At the Heart of Transformation Conference in the Helix on 29th May, 2017
At the heart of Transformation Conference, the Helix
At the heart of Transformation Conference, the Helix At the heart of Transformation Conference, the Helix


EU Project Partner Meeting, Germany

The final Play4Guidance project meeting took place at HRW University in Germany on 3rd and 4th May 2017. The project partners include DCU, Ireland; FPM, Italy; LIUC, Italy; NKUA, Greece; MEM, Turkey; HRW, Germany; BIA, Bulgaria; Science View, Greece.  The project seeks to guide and educate students and young unemployed people in entrepreneurial, transversal and mathematical skills. POSTER presentation of events in Ireland.

EU Play4Guidance Project Goes to School and College

The Centre successfully implemented the Play4Guidance business game at Sacred Heart School in Drogheda in January 2017 and at IBAT College in Dublin in February and March 2017. Highlights of the event at Sacred Heart School appeared in the 8th February issue (page 8) of the Drogheda Leader Play4Guidance is an innovative business game designed to guide students in entrepreneurial, transversal and mathematical skills. The P4G events in Ireland consisted of the P4G entrepreneurial capacity building, the Business Model Canvas and the Play4Guidance Business Game. Over 30 students from the Service Management module at IBAT took part in two one-day P4G workshops on 28th February and 14th March. 

Photo: (L to R). Tom Kinney from Invest NI, Dr. Yvonne Crotty, Lecturer at DCU and Play4Guidance Coordinator, IBAT student winner, Colm Dunne, Lecturer at IBAT College. 

Twenty seven students from the Leaving Cert Vocational Preparation (LCVP) at Sacred Heart School, Drogheda participated in the one day event on Monday 23rd January. The winner of the Business Game competition at the Sacred Heart School was Jiye Xu. 

Photo:  (L to R). Business Studies teacher Catherine Horan, Laura Kilboy, P4G team, Jiye Xu and Dr. Yvonne Crotty, Co-ordinator of Play4Guidance Project. 

December 2016 issue of the International Journal for Transformative Research

The December 2016 issue of the International Journal for Transformative Research (IJTR) includes articles from Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK and Ireland. The articles communicate the stories of the authors themselves and the innovative nature of their learning, teaching and research.  We would like to thank the authors who have submitted articles to the journal and who have encouraged other authors to submit their research to the journal. If you are exploring how research itself might be transformative in its outcomes, you may be interested in submitting your accounts and explanations to the journal.

Practice-based Design; Innovation of Digital Artifacts

The First Call for Papers is now open. This workshop intends to bring scholars and practitioners together for knowledge exchange and development on research foundations and practical contributions concerning the design and innovation of digital artifacts and practices. The workshop will take place in Dublin on December 10th, 2016.

 Postgraduates - Cultivating Innovation capacity in eLearning and Leadership

The 2017 application system for the Masters in Education and Training Management (eLearning) and Masters in Education and Training Management (Leadership) is now open.  Programme information here.  Students come from a range of workplace contexts.

Details of the Masters in Education and Training Management (eLearning) - Teachers. Industry, Health.  Participants develop an action research approach to the creative design, development, and evaluation of multimedia/video and technology for learning (eg. App development) in a range of work contexts. It supports participants to develop in their current role or make a career change.

Details of the Masters in Education and Training Management (Leadership) can be accessed here. This programme equips educators moving into, or holding, leadership roles with the knowledge and skills to succeed in those roles and it enables participants to make a career change.   

Masters in Education and Training Management (eLearning) students after presenting their research in the Helix, DCU. May 2017

July 2016 issue of the International Journal for Transformative Research 

The Centre is pleased to announce the publication of another issue of the International Journal for Transformative Research. The July issue contains articles from USA, Italy, UK and Ireland. The philosophy of the journal reflects that of the Centre: it supports researchers in making explicit how they are bringing about change in a range of workplace settings with transformative outcomes for themselves and others. It also chronicles the innovative methodologies and technologies that researchers are using in practice. In this issue the authors share their research narratives and show how they are endeavouring to make a positive impact in the world. If you are exploring how research itself may be transformative in its outcomes, then do consider submitting your accounts and explanations to this journal.

EU Inspiring Learning Scenarios Competition 2016

The Inspiring Science Education (ISE) team in Ireland organised a competition in March 2016 to encourage student teachers from across Ireland to create inspiring scenarios and lesson plans using the eLearning tools and resources on the ISE Portal. The lesson plans were designed to link with the Junior Cycle Certificate curriculum, which is the junior cycle state examination for post-primary students in Ireland. In total around 68 participants entered the competition and 6 winners were chosen. These finalists were entered into the ISE European competition. Ciaran Nolan, Ard Scoil Ris, Ireland was selected as the European finalist by the ISE European team for his entry 'Ecological Relationships'. He was invited to take part in the Inspiring Science Education conference which took place in Athens from 22nd-24th April 2016.

Erasmus + P4G Conference: Entrepreneurship and Digital Innovation

EU Educational Conference ImageAfter implementing the Facebook online community activities, the Centre carried out its first pilot of the P4G online simulation with its indirect stakeholders. There was live tweeting during the day with the #p4Gpilot used to disseminate the day's activities. The pilot took place on 28th May 2016 in DCU and was attended by participants representing post primary, further, higher education, unemployment centres, youth workers, SME's and industry. The P4G platform, educational resources, and evaluation tools were showcased to the group, who were then divided into teams consisting of 4 members per team. Participants were encouraged to construct their own understanding, ask questions, explore the business activities and reflect on decisions made through group discussions; all key aspects to experiential and social constructivist learning.  A valuable strategic management resource was also showcased to participants: the Business Model Canvas, which can be integrated into business studies’ classes to help students develop understanding, discussion, creativity and analysis of a company’s strategic management. Tom Kinney (above), Meadhbh Cleary and Laura Kilboy (below) present at the event .     

Action research at the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland

Dr. Margaret Farren and Dr. Yvonne Crotty were invited to give a keynote on Action Research at the 2016 Research Collaborative in Quality and Patient Safety (RCQPS) Workshop which was organised by the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland (RCPI) on 3rd May 2016.  RCQPS has the aim of generating new research evidence in response to specific quality and patient safety issues that emerge from the Irish Health Service, in particular those arising from the HSE’s National Clinical Programmes. 

Top Prize at European MEDEA Awards, KU Leuven. 2016

MEDEA Awards logo 2016

The 8 finalists for the 2016 Annual MEDEA Awards were announced  by the MEDEA Awards Organising Committee on Thursday 4th February. Edel Crosbie, a graduate of the Masters in Education and Training Management (eLearning) programme is one of the MEDEA finalists for the educational video 'Labhair Linn! Cabhraigh Linn! which was created as part of her Masters research.  Edel's research work which was supervisor by Dr. Yvonne Crotty, School of Education Studies, DCU  went on to win the overall award -  WINNER.

MEDEA is an Annual award to reward excellence and creativity in media in education. The Award aims to encourage innovation and good practice in the use of media (audio, video, graphics and animation) in education, across Europe and beyond. The awards also recognise and promote excellence in the production and pedagogical design of media rich learning resources. The overall winner will be announced during the MEDEA Awards ceremony which takes place on Thursday 10 March during the Media & Learning Conference 2016 in Brussels. This year the awards attracted 195 entries from 34 countries and the judging panel was made up of 124 judges.. 

Issue 3 - International Journal for Transformative Research

Open access journal  The Centre is delighted to announce the publication of issue 3 of the open access International Journal for Transformative Research which includes authors from Norway, Tanzania, Germany, UK and Ireland. The journal welcomes articles from professionals from a range of work contexts e.g academics, education (primary, post-primary, tertiary), health, industry, government, NGO, community, who are interested in research that is grounded in the experience of practitioners.

Computer Education Society of Ireland Conference 2016

A presentation at the CESI conference showing how post-primary teachers on the MSc. in Education and Training Management (eLearning) programme at DCU are bringing learning to life as they create educational multimedia resources using an educational entrepreneurial approach.The presentation was highlighted by COFA Online Daily. The entrepreneurial methodology involves the design and creation of an educational multimedia artefact to enhance learning. The outcome demonstrates impact on the practitioner-researcher and the wider social enterprise.

Photo - Dr. Yvonne Crotty, DCU with post-primary teachers Caitriona O'Brien and Leon Clarke.

BT Young Scientist Award for ISE partner school 2016 

Congratulations to Loreto Secondary School, Balbriggan on their success at the Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition in January 2016. Loreto school, Balbriggan is one of the four Inspiring Science Education (ISE) partner schools that was successful in the application for an Erasmus+ School Education, Key Action Individual Mobility grant in 2014. 

International Congress: School Effectiveness & Improvement

After the sucess of the Science webinars for post-primary teachers as part of his PhD research the Centre will continue to run webinars and events in 2016. A presentation on the ISE research was given by PhD student Colm O'Coileain and Dr. Yvonne Crotty at the International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement (ICSEI) at University of Glasgow (6th-9th January, 2016). 

Technology Leadership and Innovation 2016

(In photo. Vice-Principal David Clark, Business Studies teacher Meadhbh Cleary and Principal Ms. Eithne Deeney) of Portmarnock Community School. The school is a partner in the EU Play4Guidance project. In January 2016 Meadhbh integrated the Play4Guidance game as part of the entrepreneurship element of the Transition year Business stuides course. Dr. Margaret Farren visited the class session and was able to observe the potential use of the game within the post-primary context. 

Entrepreneurial Thinking event at DCU November 2015

POSTER of the Entrepreneurial thinking, Team Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship within Education and Business event that took place in the Business School, DCU on November 7th 2015. Representatives from Industry, Education and the Community sector attended. The Play4Guidance business game aims to develop math, economic, digital and entrepreneurial skills with a strong focus on problem solving and leadership. It is based on the values of cooperation and reflection. We are piloting the business game with industry partners, educators and community development groups  - Play4Guidance

Award for PhD Student - Virtual & Augmented Reality research

Simon Creane full-time PhD student was presented with the Best Doctoral Consortium Paper Award at the International Conference on Interactive Mobile Communication Technologies and Learning IMCL2015 in Thessaloniki, Greece. (November 19th-20th).  Simon's research involves the design and development of a virtual and augmented reality learning environment to support inquiry learning. He was presented with the Award by the chair of IMCL.

Simon Creane receiving awardBest Doctoral Consortium Paper Award

International Journal for Transformative Research 2015

Issue 2 of the International Journal for Transformative Research was published in July 2015 and includes articles from Australia, Singapore, Germany and Ireland. The journal has now been added to the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). 

Culture, Engagement and Learning Blog Post 2015

Seek first to understand, then to be understood. Blog post.

Humanitarian Innovation Conference, Oxford University 2015

Dr. Yvonne Crotty and Laura Kilboy's presentation Co-Creation and Participatory Approaches to Humanitarian Innovation at Keble College, Friday 17th July 2015


Inspiring Science Education and the Eratosthenes Experiment

Schools were invited to celebrate science and education by calculating the circumference of the Earth using eLearning educational tools and simple instruments.  A 5 step Lesson Plan was deveeloped for teachers to carry out the experiment.  The Lesson Plan contains background information. On 23rd March 2015 the experiment was conducted at Balbriggan Community School. Above photo taken during an activity with students at Balbriggan Community School.

PhD student is finalist at the DCU Tell it Straight Competition 2015

Fiona Dermody, Daniel O'Hare Scholar DCU is a finalist at the Tell it Straight PhD Competition - see video. Her PhD research involves the design and development of a computer based tutorial system in order to assist users in learning key skills for public speaking. The system is likely to have a positive impact on enterprise and business, education and entrepreneurs. PhD supervisors. Dr. Margaret Farren, School of Education Studies and Dr. Alistair Sutherland, School of Computer Applications, DCU.

De Gruyter Open starts co-operation with DCU 2014

The Centre signs an agreement with De Gruyter Open Access Publications, which will include the publication of its flagship publication, the International Journal for Transformative Research (IJTR). Issue 1 was published in September 2014.

EU Erasmus+ Play4Guidance project, Italy. 2014

International Centre for Innovation and Workplace Learning joins European partners to boast entrepereneurial thinking skills in young Europeans.

Nominated for President's Award for Engagement 2014

Details of the nomination for the Civic Award for Engagement.

Inspiring Science Education (ISE) Individual Mobility Grants, Portugal

ISE Ireland partner schools were successful in their application for Individual Mobility grants to attend workshops in Europe. One of the workshops attended by teachers from Colaiste Bride, Coláiste Cois Life and Tallaght Community School took place at NUCLIO - Nucleo Interactivo de Astronomia in Cascais, Portugal in February 2015. The teachers were accompanied by Yvonne Crotty and Margaret Farren who both presented an Inquiry based workshop as part of the one-week set of workshops. National Coordinator for ISE project - Dr. Yvonne Crotty.  Photos taken at Nucleo Interactivo de Astronomia in Cascais, Portugal. (February 2015).


ISE Ireland hosts Practice-Reflection Workshop 2014

ISE hosts first practice reflection workshop for teachers.

Visiting Professor from USA

Janice Barrett, Professor of Communications at the Donohue Centre for Creative and Applied Arts at Lassel College, Boston spent the Fall of 2014 as a Visiting Professor at the International Centre for Innovation and Workplace Learning. Previously she was an Associate Professor at Boston University College of Communications. Professor Barrett contributed to workshops on communications and leadership.

EU Inspiring Science Education (ISE) project meetings, Berlin 2014

The Centre is a partner in the European Competitiveness and Innovation project 'Inspiring Science Education' which provides teachers and students with scenarios, e-learning tools and online resources that can be used in the classroom. The project consists of 30 partners across Europe.

Project partners meet at the University of Bayreuth, Germany in March 2014.

Meeting at University of Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin. September 2014.

ISE Meeting at the University of Helsinki. December 2014. 

Canadian Ambassador visits Dunhill Education Centre 2014

The Centre collaborated with Dunhill Education Centre on the international trade mission which included guest speaker, the Canadian Ambassador to Ireland- Details

 Book Publication 2013

12th December 2013 at Medea Awards, Brussels. Launch of the book Digital Literacies in Education - Peter Lang. 

Action Research Keynote 2013

19th November 2013. Keynote presentation on Action Research at the Collaborative Research Workshop held in the Royal College of Physicians, Dublin. Margaret Farren and Yvonne Crotty.

Graduations in Africa - Graduate Diploma in Leadership Development in ICT & the Knowledge Society 2013

Irish Times on Graduation Ceremony in Kenya

5th July 2013 - Graduation video -  Rift Valley, Kenya.  Professor Brian MacCraith, Dr. Margaret Farren and Dr. Yvonne Crotty at the Graduation Ceremony

9th July 2013 - DCU website report on the Leadership in ICT graduation ceremony in Africa.

10th July 2013 - African Brains report on the ground breaking leadership in ICT programme.

Collaborative Agreement with the Global eSchools and Communities Initiative, Kenya

At the launch of the collaborative partnership with GeSCI, an African based NGO. July 2012, Kenya. Photo: (L to R). Dr. Yvonne Crotty, Dr. Margaret Farren (DCU), Alex Twinomugisha, Dr. Helena Tapper, Senthil Kumar and Dr. Patti Swarts (GeSCI) in Nairobi, Kenya at the launch of the Leadership in ICT initiative in July 30th, 2012.

EU project International workshop on Inquiry Based Learning 2013

The Centre hosted the first EU Seventh Framework Pathway project workshop at DCU in collaboration with the University of Bayreuth, Germany and the Shodor Institute, USA. Post-primary teachers from Ireland and USA came together for the first set of workshops and seminars on Modelling and Computational Science which took place in DCU on 13th & 14th February, 2012.

EU Seventh Framework Pathway to Inquiry Based Learning 2012

Prof. Franz Bogner, University of Bayreuth welcomes participants to the first International Pathway workshop which took place in DCU on February 13th and 14th, 2012. (video below).

EU Seventh Framework Pathway project meeting Barcelona 2012

The Centre is a partner in the EU Seventh Framework Pathway project which consists of 25 partners from across Europe. The project support the adoption of inquiry teaching and to facilitate the development of communities of practitioners of inquiry that will enable teachers to learn from each other.

Educational Multimedia Artefact. Medea Awards, Brussels 2012

Deirdre Shelly receives the Medea Award for her creation of an Educational Multimedia artefact for use in primary schools. Deirdre is a student on the Masters in Education and Training Management (eLearning) programme. Supervisor: Dr. Yvonne Crotty.

Deirdre Shelly 12th December 2013 at Medea Awards, Brussels. Launch of the book Digital Literacies in Education - Peter Lang

Educational Multimedia Artefact. Medea Awards, Brussels 2011

European MEDEA Award for Deirdre Flood for an Educational Multimedia artefact on volunteering. Deirdre is a student on the M.Sc. in Education and Training Management (eLearning) programme. Paul Maher was highly commended for his video to promote music workshops. Supervisor: Dr. Yvonne Crotty.

International Keynote speakers at DIVERSE Conference at DCU 2011

Professor Roy Pea, Stanford University, Professor Brigid Barron, Stanford University and Professor Michael Wesch, Kansas State University are keynotes at the DIVERSE conference in DCU - News

Teaching Council Bursury 2010

Teresa Hennessy received a Teaching Council Bursary for her school-based research. Teresa's PhD research is concerned with her role as ICT co-ordinator in a post-primary school, particularly in relation to how she can encourage and enable her colleagues to integrate ICT into everyday teaching and learning.

European eLearning Award 2010

Donal O'Mahony received the Bronze European Schoolnet award in Copenhagen as part of his PhD research. Donal's work with student blogging is part of the Junior Certificate History syllabus. The award is sponsored by Europeana in recognition of the creative use of Europe's digital heritage.