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Creativity, Technology Leadership

In Photo. L to R: Dr. Margaret Farren, DCU. Professor Roy Pea, Stanford University, Professor Brian MacCraith, President of DCU. Professor Brigid Barron, Stanford University. Professor Cliff Dasco, Abramson Centre for the Future of Health, Houston. Dr. Yvonne Crotty, DCU. 

  • Keynote speakers included Professor Roy Pea, Stanford University and Professor Michael Wesch, Kansas State University: ''Creativity: Enhancing our Vision of the Future'  2011.
  • A selection of the presentations at the Conference were published by Peter Lang  - Digital Literacies in Education

Conference Website - DIVERSE conference, June 2011.

Association for Learning Technology (ALT), UK provide a review of the Conference  - DIVERSE 2011

Review of Diverse Conference in Dublin from Ingrid Lynette Bruynse, University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa; - Video Review