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International Centre for Innovation and Workplace Learning

Guiding the Way Forward

This project involves the design, implementation and evaluation of a career exploration programme for senior cycle students in disadvantaged school settings in the greater North Dublin area. Following the pilot phase within ten schools the programme will be rolled out to a further thirteen schools in the area. Personal, educational and career concerns are intertwined and a whole person approach is the most effective way to address the concerns of students in a radically changing career landscape where financial impediments can often be a barrier to career progression. The aim of the programme is to facilitate young people to explore their future career options and the challenges and opportunities, including financial, presented in an increasingly complex and uncertain world. The programme seeks to equip students not necessarily to choose the right career path at this point in their lives but with the skills to make many choices throughout their lives to become healthy individuals, and to develop attributes in the broader life career context. The contemporary use of technology as a vehicle to explore the career process will be one of a number of methodologies adopted throughout the programme. Participation in the programme by students, guidance counsellors, parents/guardians, graduates and employees recognises the need to engage collaboratively with all partners as an essential part of the process in assisting young people with career exploration. A comprehensive evaluation of the programme will provide the basis for further programme development.