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International Centre for Innovation and Workplace Learning

Transformative Research


The International Journal for Transformative Research (IJTR) is an online, peer-reviewed journal published in conjunction with De Gruyter Open. The creation of the Journal emerged out of a belief that professionals in any work setting can research their own practice with transformative outcomes for themselves and others. The Journal is a publication of the International Centre for Innovation and Workplace Learning (ICIWL) at DCU. The Centre is committed to conducting and publishing research that has practical and positive impact for individuals and institutions, organisations, as well as the wider society. Open Access has been chosen to make freely available the new ways of approaching research that are potentially transformational for readers, and for the researchers themselves.

The Editorial Board of the Journal welcomes submissions for peer review which provide accounts of first hand experiences where the researcher has experienced a transformational shift in the values, attitudes, beliefs and/or behaviour as a consequence of researching their own practice; or alternatively can give an account of how they have had a transformational influence on individuals, groups, organisations or the wider communities to which they belong. The journal will consider theoretical or conceptual analyses of any aspect of transformation or transformative research; however, these analyses must be integrated into an explanation of the research itself, and the analyses need to illuminate explicitly how the research has had a transformative impact. We welcome contributions to the journal from professionals across the world with an interest in transformative research.

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15th August, 2016