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Where we are

DCU is a multi-campus university occupying appox 60 hectares just north of Dublin City Centre.  

 DCU Campuses Map Oct 2016

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Get moving, get active & win - Sign up now

How to take part

  1.       Get into a team of 3 – 6 people
  2.        Sign up online at  

a)      Team captain: choose a team name and set your team up on the Active Travel Logger

b)      Team members: sign up online at Active Travel Logger, find a team and join it

3.      Get a Step Counter — download an app (e.g. Free Smarter Travel Step Counter), buy a pedometer, use a Fit Bit, or other step tracking device

4.       From 4th March to 29th March get walking where possible, aiming to increase your steps throughout the challenge

5.       Have Fun and Get Competitive!


Any questions please contact Sam at