Information - Guidelines for the Development and Maintenance of the DCU Website

Guidelines for the Development & Maintenance of the DCU Website

  • It is essential that the information presented on the main website of the University is current, accurate and consistent. Equally, it is essential that the design and presentation of the website is consistently managed and maintained to approved standards.
  • Responsibility for each page on the main website is assigned to an appropriate individual, group, faculty, school, unit or office. The Communications &Marketing Team maintain a register of the owners/managers of all website pages.
  • These owners/managers are responsible for all aspects of their web pages, including format, links and nomination of pages to which links connect. All web pages must conform to the Guidelines for Publishing on the main DCU website.
  • The page owners are also responsible for dealing with feedback addressed to them as the owners of the pages - this would typically arrive through the Contact facility provided on each home page.

Process for Implementing Changes to Web Site Home Pages

Changes to the images on the home pages can be submitted as required and will be implemented by the Communications & Marketing Team.

Upon receipt of requests, the Communications & Marketing Team will:

  • Draft revised image/pages
  • Present the draft to owner for approval
  • Implement the new pages once approved

A formal review of each site will be carried out periodically, and will address all necessary changes and evolutions to individual sites. This is essential in order to maintain consistency and adherence to standards across the entire site. The ownership of web standards lies with the Communications & Marketing Team.