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policies and procedures

Health Screening


What Is Health Screening?
The Irish Heart Foundation's recommend a Screening Programme to identify persons at risk of Heart Disease, particularly Coronary Heart Disease and Stroke, so that the subject's doctor may be informed and PREVENTIVE ACTION taken.

Why Health Screening?
The high incidence of Coronary Heart Disease and Stroke, especially amongst people in the active stages of life, constitutes the most important public health problem in the developed countries. In Ireland, approximately 30% of deaths each year, are caused by Coronary Disease and another 20% by Stroke. Heart Disease is the EPIDEMIC of the 20th Century. In no field of medical practice is the logic of PREVENTION so glaringly obvious as it is in the case of Coronary Disease and Stroke. In no other medical discipline is there such an opportunity of greatly reducing the incidence of ill health and premature death. Dublin City University supports this by bring in external representatives to carry out these checks.


Health Screening 

a) Blood Cholesterol analysis.
b) Blood Pressure readings.
c) Electrocardiogram.
d) Height - Weight - Frame size - Skinfold Measurements, - to determine Ideal Weight vis-a-vis Actual Weight.
e) Questionnaire for,-Smoking habits - Past and Present -Physical Activity -Past Heart Attack or Stroke -Symptoms of Angina Pectoris and intermittent claudication.


Full time staff members over 25 years of age.


The Heart Foundation recommends that every adult of 25 years and over should be screened every three years.


Health Screening Reports
Results of Screenings are sent to the Doctor nominated by the Person screened and are CONFIDENTIAL between the subject, his Doctor and the Foundation. A short report is also sent to each subject screened.


In the case of permanent members of staff, the University is prepared to pay half of the cost of the Heart Check. Individuals pay for any other tests they may decide to undergo while the Mobile Health Screening Unit is on Campus.


All staff members will be notified of a proposed visit to the University by the Mediscan Unit. Staff interested in undergoing the screening should contact the Human Resources Department.



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