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Health And Safety Policy

General Responsibility Of The University
To ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable the Health, Safety and Welfare at work of all staff, students and all those persons within premises for which the University is responsible. All work undertaken by staff of the University shall be undertaken so as to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, that the Health and Safety of the general public is not at risk.


Specific Responsibilities Of The University-

-The University will ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable that staff are provided at all times with:

- Premises, plant, equipment and systems of work that are safe and do not involve risks to health.

- Proper facilities, equipment and clothing, for the safe use, transport, handling and storage of articles and substances.

- Information, instruction, training and supervision as is necessary to ensure the health and safety at work of employees and all those lawfully occupied in University controlled areas.

- A safe working environment without risk to health and adequate welfare facilities.

- Adequate arrangements for negotiation and consultation on measures for ensuring health and safety at work.


The Structure Of The Health And Safety Responsibility In The University-

-The Safety Committee, advised by the University, will be responsible for reviewing the Health and Safety Policy.

- The Safety Committee will be responsible to the Chief Operations Officer for the implementation of Health and Safety Policy and procedures within the University.

- The University will make arrangements for negotiation with representatives of trade unions and staff, as provided for in the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act, 1989, and provide adequate facilities for safety representatives to perform their functions as defined by the Act.

- A Safety Committee has been established in the University.


Responsibilities Of The Individual
- The Act states that EVERYONE has a responsibility for safety. It is important that all persons appreciate the extent of that responsibility.

- Staff are required to co-operate fully in ensuring that the University Health and Safety Policy is observed.

- Registered students of the University are expected to co-operate fully in ensuring that the University's Health and Safety Policy is observed.

- To carry out their duties without putting at risk the health and safety of themselves, their colleagues and the general public.

- To comply with all instructions issued by the University, in accordance with agreed procedures in relation to safety, statutory requirements and codes of practice.

- Not to interfere with or misuse, intentionally or recklessly, anything provided in the interests of health, safety or welfare.

- Students and all other persons legitimately on University premises are required to conform to the requirements of the University and safety legislation.


Heads of Schools and Units are required to take responsibility at School/Unit level for safety measures generally. Therefore, Heads of Schools and Units assume the employers responsibility for compliance with the Universities Health and Safety Policy within the areas under their control. Such responsibilities should include the following:
- Safety talks to staff and students in Laboratories.

- Provision and display of written Safety instructions in Laboratories.

- Safe practices in the care and handling of gas cylinders.

- Safe practice in the use and handling of dangerous chemicals.

- Safe use of electrical and other equipment.

- Ensuring that escape routes are not obstructed.


In execution of that role they should, where necessary, seek the advice of the University Health & Safety Officer and allocate responsibilities accordingly to staff within the School/Unit.

- The Safety Committee shall make recommendations to the Chief Operations Officer who is responsible to the President for safety matters.

- Minutes of meetings shall be agreed by the Chairman and Chief Operations Officer prior to circulation.

- The Committee shall establish specialist Sub-Committees as appropriate.

- The minutes of the safety committee meetings shall be posted on the student and staff notice boards.


The above is a University policy statement on health and safety in the work environment. A detailed Safety Statement has been issued and is available to all staff from each School/Unit Office.

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